Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sorry Johns & Frank Superman...

More reaction to DC's news today... I had to vent a little more.


  1. Wow that gives new meaning to Super-Dickery.

  2. Well I guess I'm done with DC Comics again (right alongside all the Marvel I'm not buying either). Maybe I'm done for good this time... I'd like to hope not, but I'm NOT a Lee or Johns fan, blah, blah.... I don't even care to finish this. Whatever...

    What happened to comics?


  3. Ohhh, Shawny! There's plenty of good stuff out there, super hero-wise. You just have to put blinders onto all the event hype. Find the small books and avoid the big crap with dozens of crossovers and mini series inside mini series. As far as DC goes, "Secret Six" is awesome. Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man has been really good too. I'm sure Robb, Tracie and other could rattle off a few good ones that don;t have the "event" baggage.

    I'm not sure what I think about the #1 relaunch/reboot. I can;t tell if they mean to start from scratch or just renumber like Marvel does (How many times has Captain America started w new #1's; I think we're on vol. 4 maybe). Anyway, I'll bet some of the new #1s will get some jolts of life from new creative talent and some star talent (beyond Johns & Lee, which I find to be a yawner).

    PS. How long till Lee's JLA penciling turns that book into a tri-monthly? I'm betting we get 3 issues and then delays galore or a new artist.


  4. You may be right about trying to find something that isn't connected to another event, but to be honest, I can say that I KNOW of old stuff that I'd still like to read (and hope to over the years). I really love the medium and won't give up on them completely as I did for a short time in my youth.

    This whole reboot (or whatever it is) does have me turning my head, but as far as I can tell they won't be getting any my dollars (esp. with Johns and Lee spearheading the whole thing).

    I know, I know. Stay on the positive, but- if it's true that they've wanted to do this since the original Crisis (which ultimately killed my interest in comics for a few years), then I might be done for real this time. My only hope is that this will get DC out of the rut that they are in now. I have been trying to like DC again for over a decade now, but with few exceptions, it's been a lot of disappointment. Maybe I've been at it too long. I learned how to read with comics and now I'm nearly 40. I guess only time will tell.

    Bizarro Shawny-Man