Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Monday, August 25, 2014

Greatest Comic Ever released?

Well... just a personal favorite of mine.  I know its not the greatest. But who doesn't love Wild Dog?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Robb's Return?

I’m back!
Or I’m going to try to be.  This blog has been neglected by me! And I have to apologize. It’s not you, it’s me. No there isn’t another blog and no I still think you’re pretty! Life has been crazy and my priorities had to be refocused. But never, never, never are comics far from my mind. I still occasionally email with the Maukingbird about comic news and nerdom in general.  I mean have you seen Tracie on the CBXF Tumblr, where Tracie is still the best source for Nerd Gossip/Breaking News and just saying, “Have you seen the Thor variant cover to Inhumans #4, drawn by Joe Mad??? (Side note, check out the variant cover to Inhumans #4… TOTALLY BADASS!)    
But I have need again of somewhere to release my opinion and gush over what’s good in comics. It’s been months since I posted and I have no idea where to begin. So let me throw out a quick summary of the last 6 months.
The Good:
Captain America, Winter Soldier: Great! Must See!,
Superman/Wonder Woman with Writing by Charles Soule, Awesome!
Thor God of Thunder, heartfelt and groundbreaking for Thor.
The Ending to Forever Evil was a huge, fun surprise Ending!!!!!!!
Community: The Joe-Bra Episode… Nerd-gasm in a can!! The BEST tv can get!
Arrow Season 2. The promise of more DC characters coming to TV! Flash and the Atom (And More)
X-men Days of Future’s Past: Loved it. A lot!!! Keep the X-machine running.
Netflix had Star Wars Clone Wars… BINGE WATCH!!!
Batman Eternal, and Batman Zero Year. That Bat team is doing something special.
Wonder Woman on Film!!! Personally… I love the costume design. It’s comic book Diana!! It’s a Sexy Gladiator, yes! But it’s not a Swimsuit, heels and a Tiara!!! It’s a Warrior! I’m very happy!
Hickman’s Avengers and New Avengers!!! EPIC runs, both. Earth shattering is almost a perfect word.
My NEW 52, Orion Action Figure… the best Helmet and Skiff to date for any Orion figure.
Luthor is on the JLA!!!!! Oh I love this twist. Where will it go???  
Guardians of the Galaxy: In my opinion the funniest of the Marvel Movies and not to sound cliché… but the Star Wars of this generation. Groot and Rocket are the next Han and Chewy!
The Bad:
Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a bit of a disappointment. Not terrible. But definitely a miss fire. Pushed me further away from Sony movies in the future.
The sad loss of Jamie D. From Comic Geek Speak. Go Jamie's Avengers.
Future’s End?? Just more comics Gloom and Doom. And it’s weekly! Yeahh.
Lobo gets a solo series. This is the new “sparkly vampire” Lobo. NOT THE MAIN MAN!
Green lantern becoming 2nd tier. It’s sad but a lot of books just got boring to me. All the GL titles, Aquaman, and
Doomed cross-over in the Superman books. While it started off really well and had a ton of potential. It has gone on waay tooooo long and lost focus and is turning into what my pre-conceived notion of a Doomsday story usually is?
Pre-Judgment on announcements. (Especially Movie/TV roles and costumes…) Wait and see people. About 6 months ago, we were all annoyed and didn’t like Quicksilver’s look in the X-men Movie DOFP. But, dammit if he wasn’t a highlight of the movie. WAIT AND SEE. We may all be pleasantly surprised!
Loss of Robin Williams. L Naah New, Nahh New.
Ant-Man issues. I’m just a tiny bit saddened with the success of GOTG and the humor James Gunn installed into his movie, oh what could have been if Edgar Wright had the reigns of a “Serious” super-hero. I’m sure the movie will be great. No doubt it will. But… If only.

I'm sure I'm missing or forgetting something. But hey... look... I posted something. :) Up next maybe a "Robb's Got Issues"?

Friday, November 1, 2013

Breaking New!! BATMAN JONES!!! The next live-action character to break-out in DC films

It appears to be more than rumor. Not only did DC hit a home run with last summer's announcement that the sequel to Man of Steel will be Superman vs. Batman. But, one of the rumors that has been listed is that Batman Jones will also appear in this film.