Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First update to the CBXF Fantasy League!

After the release of the new Justice League #1... Tracie pulls out to an early lead. Now take into account that we only have book being tallied so far. But Batman is quite prominent in this new 52! Stay tuned as we continue. And if you'd like to learn more about our Fantasy Comic League, check it out here.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OCW - August Week 4 - DC's QWSP (From Aquaman & JLA)

You know Mxyzptlk, but do you know this week's OCW, QWSP? This imp has tormented Aquaman and the entire JLA. If you'd like to learn more, check him out here.

Tracie's Pull List - Week of August 31, 2011

Well, this is it.

Tomorrow's the big day!

A lot of places around the country are throwing special midnight openings tonight. I'm tempted. I'll probably be up anyway, but I'll likely be at home putting the finishing touches on the return to my webcomic, FIGHT!, after a long hiatus.

You can bet I'll be dying to get to my shop tomorrow to jump into the new DC Universe.

Here's what else, I'll be picking up:

Monday, August 29, 2011

Thanks for 25 years of Great Comics!

All kidding aside, DC... I'm really going to miss this Continuity. These are the stories I grew up with and helped to make me who I am. Many late nights home reading, many great stories, many many fun characters, and a closet full of long boxes. Thanks DC! Thanks!

Another Comic Book Racial Outrage!

DC showed another teaser today. This time its for the new Justice League International line-up. In this new image we have seen many possible additions to the team. But staring at the picture, I came to the conclusion maybe something isn't quite right. With the Ultimate Marvel controversy over a Half African-American/half Hispanic Spider-man... and DC's casting Perry White with African-American actor Lawrence Fishburne, I see this latest teaser image as more "Nick Furried" racial swapping. I have a theory who else has changed... after the jump, see if you don't agree.

The Golden Child

This looks like an awesome Fan film. Maybe Zack Snyder should take notes.
Check out the website here.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Crazy Viral Back to the Future Video!

This is just crazy. I know its a set up, but wow... Awesome. And what is it advertising?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lex Luther Vandross vs. Kal-El Debarge

By Logan Fitzpatrick

From the incredibly inventive I'll Draw Anything.

Tracie contributes to Fifty-too!


As you've probably heard, DC Comics is less than two weeks away from relaunching their entire line of superhero comics, fifty-two all new titles starting (or starting over) at the first issue. Most of their characters are getting new looks, some are getting streamlined or updated histories, and some older and more obscure characters are getting a turn in the spotlight.

Doctor Who- Tonight!

From the BBC:
He's back! The Doctor makes a triumphant return in Let's Kill Hitler, an epic, blockbuster of an episode that reunites the Doctor with Amy and Rory. Within minutes they're crashing through time and spinning towards Berlin in the 1930s where more horrors than one must be faced and defeated...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Greg Rucka volleys it back to Hollywood

Check out this rant that Greg posted about Hollywood putting the blame of comic book based movies "Needing to be grittier" in order to be successful and realistic.

Greg's absolutely right! I think of how much I loved Captain America and Ironman verses how little I liked Green Lantern. And I don't feel any of those 3 characters are gritty. A grittier Hal wouldn't have made that a better movie.

Check out his rant here at this Newsarama link.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

DC New 52 Teaser One Lines, by way of CBXF

Maybe some of you saw on Newsarama today, that DC launched a bunch of "One-Line" teasers for their up and coming 52 re-launch! (Check out the link here) In it, there are little hints and clues about what is being said in the new series. What's does this reveal? Who is saying this? What does it all mean?? Well... what you didn't know was, those weren't all the lines revealed. We at CBXF have discovered many others phrases that didn't make the DC "teaser" line cut. So After the jump, check out what "Quotes" DC didn't want you to see.

Bad Comic Book Haiku (Some more)

New 52
Bye DC Proper
Zoom screwed up all we have known
We get Nightwing back.

Supergirl's new duds
Red arrow points down
Sexy girl has changed her teen look
I miss her red skirt.

Day and Date Digital Comics
Digital Comics now
My closet is full of boxes
Why aren't they cheaper?

CBXF's Comic Book Fantasy League BEGINS!

Next week... Our Fantasy League begins! Wednesday starting with Justice League #1... our Game begins! Want to see our rules game play, check it out here. Oh and Watch as Team Robb wins it all!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Man of Steel Revelation (SPOILERS I guess)

Blog@Newsarama revealed a set photo from the Man of Steel shoot, currently filming. It shows a tiny glimpse of Superman's full costume for the upcoming film. I'll hide it under the break, for anyone who wants to avoid this sort of thing, though it's just some people in costume standing around.

You Have The Ability To Install Great Fear

(art by Cyclopsfan1)

According to IGN, the October 14th Blu-Ray release of Green Lantern will apparently include an access code for a Sinestro Corps Batman Skin for Batman: Arkham City.

Though, content-wise, it would make more sense to include Green Lantern Batman, it's still pretty genius marketing and a nice way to get/trick hardcore gamers into buying a film they might have otherwise blown off.

Omaha Comic Book Summit!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

OCW - August Week 3 - DC's Empress (Young Justice)

Empress was an heir to a villain's legacy, but lived her teen years in service of heroism! Inspired by the team Young Justice, she eventually joined the team when Arrowette left. Care to learn more about this hero? Click here!

Super Female Heroes: GIRD YOUR LOINS

If you recall our last Friendly Fire podcast (watch it HERE) we had a bit of discussion about Supergirl's new costume and how some of us have a bit of a problem with the abandonment of the skirt. Particularly in the way the outfit is cut. ...Y'know... Down there.


Supergirl artist Mahmud Asrar posted this beautiful splashpage from the upcoming reboot/launch and while it is a wonderful drawing, I feel CREEEEPY that I can see that much of her bare pelvis.

And I am a girl.

Albiet a weird one.

But c'mon guys. Pants or tights or SOMETHING.

Especially with Supergirl. I will allow that there are some characters who allow more wiggle room (so to speak) when it comes to how sexualized they can come across. In Power Girl, it's kind of part of her charm. But Supergirl is wearing the "S." That carries with it a level of dignity and respect. And also, she's at best, what, 19?

Certainly the rebooted Supergirl of The New 52 could be a whole different creature; older, sexier. I hope that isn't the case because that's really not what I'm looking for in the character of Supergirl, but we won't really know until sometime next month.

It just seems like we've traded the often WAY too small belly shirt for an outfit that causes me to ponder Kryptonian grooming and, er... maintenance.

So... Thanks and you're welcome.

Tracie's Pull List - Week of August 24, 2011


Do you realize that this is, effectively, the last week of the DC Universe as we know it?

Next week the only two DC books shipping are going to be the final issue of Flashpoint and the first issue of Justice League, kicking off The New 52.

That's... that's kind of crazy.

It still feels like just yesterday that the news was dropping about this huge initiative and all the titles were being announced and cover images popping up everywhere and Robb and I going off on our 6 Hour Ken Burns rant about the new titles and changes and speculation.

And now here we are. It's the end of the DC Universe as we know it.

And I feel fine.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thanks Sean!

CBXF's own Sean C. have me a belated birthday gift today... that totally rocked. I love this Kingdom Come Batman! And he gets along with KC Superman! Love him Sean! THANKS!!!

OCW - August Week 2 - Marvel's EGO the living planet

He's been around longer than MOGO... really? Marvel's EGO the living planet has a beard the moon! Want to learn more... check out the Planet here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tracie's Pull List - Week of August 17, 2011

We just posted the vidcast we recorded over the weekend. I make shout-outs to female comics creators (they exist, but we need more of them) and I manage to forget that Sandra Hope is one of my favorite inkers.

ANYWAY, in this week's comics, we say goodbye to two members of the Superman Family and probably Wally West, too. Also, I drool all over the We3 Deluxe Edition like a, well... dog?

Then let's all get excited about X-Men Schism and more Daredevil!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pop Heroes! Superman

Its been forever since I splurged and got any kind of toy. Tonight my wife said I was a "good boy" and I got the coolest Vinyl Bobble Head toy. Creepy eyes, adorable figure. Damn Awesome! Check 'er out.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Top five "Worlds of the Multi-verse" I'd like to see.

So DC is getting relaunched… theoretically, so is the Multiverse and its 52 Earths. Now that we know the Wildstorm Universe has folded into the DC proper and are some characters are missing from what we've had teased. Where did they go, What worlds still exsist? Can we incorporate some of the elseworlds? Why not… Here are some ideas from me!

1. Kingdom Come:
post Wonder Woman and Superman's baby. How cool would it be to see the next generation of Kingdom characters rebuilding a world shattered. We can have the "Batman Beyond" aged Bruce Wayne, along with Diana and Clark, as their teenaged son leads a new generation to a new golden age of heroes!

2. Captain Marvel world.
So make it in continuity, but on another world, where talking tigers and worms are logical. Get a great art team and intelligent writer. Oh and Mary Marvel is innocent again!

3. CSA!
A Crime Syndicate ruled earth! Lets have a terrified world that was hinted at on Justice League of Two Worlds. Grant Morrison's Take was great too. This has been a classic idea… lets have a world where all the updates DC proper is getting… so is the CSA! Except Superwoman will have pants!

4. JSA/Earth2
Why not put the pre-Crisis JSA and the Infinity Inc., All Star Squadron back in a world that that was their own? Then We can have a young Jay Garrick, Alan Scott and the rest? On Thanksgiving each year, there will be a rift/crisis and they can come play in DC proper's playground… but then we can have Huntress and Powergirl team. Or an adult Robin (with pants). I don't know… if we are rebooting things, lets have some classics back to were they were fun too?

5. Superman/Secret Identity Earth.
Imagine Kurt Busiak writing more than just Superman and Batman if they were to really happen. Superman Secret Identity was the coolest idea. Imagine a whole JLA… built of crazy, realistic, settings that develop a DC would that "could" happen.

Do you have any you'd like to see? Comment below, or email us your ideas!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tracie's Pull List - Week of August 10, 2011

You guys.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Seriously. Go see it.

Also, Cowboys and Aliens was a pretty good little sci-fi/western so quit your scoffing.

On the comics side, highlights this week include bidding farewell to Stephanie Brown, Snyder's Batman, and the current volume of T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, plus Spider-Island kicks into high gear!

Monday, August 8, 2011

OCW - August Week 2 - DC's Ocean Master

This week's OCW isn't super obscure but... Hmm. Ok, Lets say you are a this Sea Guy, and you try to do good. You know. You have a kinda lame power and your buddies in the Justice League make fun of you. But Dammit... you're Aquaman. And you try. You're a hero... but you have this fucked up brother who just seems to mess with you. And no matter what you do, he sees it as a slap in his face. I mean, he's your brother... but he's still your worst enemy. Sure he's not the most obscure... but dammit, this post is Robb being passive aggressive.  Want to learn more... click here.

CBXF Fantasy League Smack Talk!

You are the ones, who are gonna lose.

Spider-man cries in every movie… More than a Hobbit!
Wolverine's hair looks like a Delta tail wing.
Batman has nipples on armor. "Harvey can be a force for good"
Green Lantern was Van Wilder!
Captain America wears combat boots and Yes that "A on his head does stand for frAnce".

Suck it!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Secret Six... and so we say good bye.

And so we say good bye.
Since the days of me writing reviews on the Capes Comics Newsletter, I have championed the Secret Six and Gail Simone. I spoke of how it is DC's most unique Super-hero title. Its not just another Suicide Squad, its not a Villains team up book. It’s a family of misfits. And I really mean family. They are bothers and sisters in arms. They hate and love each other like siblings. They can be despicable and heroic in the same book. Gail made something special out of "C" & "D" listers and its was the most consistently well written book DC put out for the last 3 years. (5-6 if you include Villains United, and the Secret Six mini-series… which I do). So today I read the Finale to Secret Six and as a farewell, I wanted to do a quick review. You don't have to read anything before this issue to understand what is going on. But, there will be spoilers for #36, the final issue... You have been warned.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cover of the Month - July

Another month has gone by already?? So who do I pick? Well its always hard to choose what cover catches my eye... but Oliver Coipel's rendition of Thor vs. The Surfer is definitely poster worthy. Just damn cool. And legendary artist Gene Ha's creepy and cold image of a young Kal-el screaming in a tube... just awesome.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

CBXF's Comic Book Fantasy League

We've finally did it... we made a comic book fantasy league! Hows it going to work, you ask?  See the details below.

OCW - August Week 1 - DC's Superman

This week's Obscure Character is DC's Superman... Who is this new guy without trunks and and yellow on his belt. We hear a lot of good and interesting things, but little is know about this guy. Will he be a hit or fade away into obscurity? Care to read more about Superman... click here.

Tracie's Pull List - Week of August 3, 2011

So there's something in the news today.

I'll touch on it a little bit at the end, here (as nonspoilery as I can), and probably a bit more in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Cowboys & Aliens was actually pretty badass so you all can just stop your scoffing and go pop over to the ciniplex for some sci-fi western fun.

I can't yet speak as to the quality of Smurfs, however.