Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Superman movie "I WANT TO SEE".

How cool would it be... everyone wants a "Death of Superman" movie. Me, I want a space adventure, as the Man of Steel fights the demons of a battlefield and a mental breakdown. Only to be subjected to arena warfare at the hands of a otherworldly tyrant. But our hero learns of an ancient Kryptonian weapon and a Rao religious leader who've lived for 1000 years and seemed fated by destiny to impact Kal-el's future. Superman in Exile... The "non-Superman" Superman movie I want to see!

Jim Lee's Earth 3 Designs... Revealed

Look, what Sean's Investigative reporting discovered.

Way to scoop the Big web sites!

Tracie's Pull List - Week of February 29, 2012

There is a new Avengers trailer on the internet RIGHT NOW and I'm not at a computer where I can watch it--which is really par for the course, as far as this week is going for me.

But let's not let that keep us down completely.

It's Superman's Birthday, after all!

The Justice League: Doom animated film was a really excellent little story with a very lovely tribute to witer Dwayne McDuffie. That film hit some emotional beats with Green Lantern that really surpised me (kudos to Nathan Fillion), and just some phenominal Superman and Flash scenes. There could really stand to be a Flash animated film. I know they feel they can't sell anything that doesn't say Superman, Batman, or Justice League (or, apparently Green Lantern, though if they still feel that way, I'm not sure) but come on. They could at least do some sort of Green Lantern/Flash team-up movie, playing off their friendship in the old Brave and the Bold comics. Though I'd like Flash to be a big enough selling point that they could do, like, a Terminal Velocity movie or something. Go back and mine the Mark Waid run for animated films. (or just give me an Impulse movie in the style of Humberto Ramos)

But these things will never happen.

What will happen are these comics arriving today:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Superman!!!

For some, Superman's birthday is considered February 29th. This was established in the Silver Age when editor Julie Schwartz declared that Superman’s birthday was on Leap Day in a number of letter pages. Also it was reiterated in Superman Annual #11.

Officially, the character turns 74 this summer.

For me, traditionally I'd hit every local comic store in the area on this day.  Alas this year, circumstances have prevented me from this. But I plan to watch the Justice League: Doom DVD movie and hitting a store or two on my way home. But, if you truly like what Superman represents and stands for... Do something honorable and decent. Help someone out. Hold a door for someone. Hide your road rage. Whatever. But in all honesty, try to be a better person, be a Superman. Happy Birthday Kal-el.

Rappers and The Multiverse... Debate Pt.2

To see where this all started... Click here

Sean: Fuck if I know. Keeping up with rapper's arrest records is like keeping up with the multi-verse. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Earth 2 (CBXF debates)

It all started with a an email from Tracie to the gang... Earth 2 and Batman... and this link:
Tracie: Is the New 52: Earth-2 actually the Flashpoint earth???  

A Movie for Monty!

Since recently we did a podcast on my first and favorite Superman story arch... I thought I'd throw together a poster of the Captain America Story Arc that made Monty a die-hard Captain Fan. (My presumption)

Imagine a movie where Steve Rogers was stripped of his mantle and a Punisher like soldier took over as the Violent American Icon. Monty... My Present to you!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Best Superhero movies ever...

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is having their annual awards show tonight so I thought I would give you a Quick top 10 of what I believe to be the best Superhero movies of all time.
Oh, I should state that this list is infallible and that any attempt to argue them is invalid.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friendly Fire - Superman's Birthday / Exile

Tracie, Matt & Robb get together for a long awaited podcast. They discuss Superman's Birthday and then Robb gushes over his love of Superman and how he got into comics, with the "Exiled" in space story.

Optimist Beer Prime

I found this image.. and felt it deserved a post! Transform and drink up!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tracie's Pull List - Week of February 22, 2012

So... are, uh... are Caleb and I the only ones kinda dug Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance?

Were we just in the right mood for it with precisely adjusted expectations?

Anyway, just more fuel to the (hell)fire of Tracie Likes Everything.

But hey, don't let my broad and forgiving taste in cinema disuade you. Let's take a rundown of this week's comics-- most of which are genuinely VERY good (if not GREAT), and not just mindless, stunt-filled entertainment which, I assure you, is a totally okay thing to enjoy now and again.

(I mean, you're not going to get The Dark Knight out of a Ghost Rider movie. Ghost Rider lives and breathes camp... and then pees fire on it)


Monday, February 20, 2012

Graphic Violence - The Art of Comic Book Fight Scenes

Coming on March 2... in Lincoln at Doc Place! Look to see art made by CBXF's top artists! And some other incredible artists as well. Oh, and me... Check it out!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ok, I saw Ghost Rider...

Today, My wife and I were out near the mall and didn't want to go home yet. "Let's go to a movie." My wife says. "Sure, I'm kinda interested in seeing Ghost Rider." I say. "Sure!" She says. Ok, its a comic based movie. I feel obligated to eventually see it. But... 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tracie's Pull List - Week of February 15, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Let's talk a bit about my one, true love: COMICS!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Robb's Guide to Etiquette in the Comic Shop

Ever been in your favorite comic shop and just been annoyed with those around you. Or unable to hold a regular conversation without someone telling you that JMS is the greatest writer ever to grace a funny book? Well just point them to my all purpose guide to how you should act in a Comic Shop!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Robb's Semi Weekly Nerd Journal

Well, this week I've decided to change my comic buying habits. I'm tired of not being able to talk with Tracie about current comic events and craziness and being weeks behind. I'm still doing DCBS to order my books, but now I'm going Bi-weekly. No more so I have to avoid Twitter... ok I still will be a couple weeks removed, but I'll see how it goes.

Also we had a small Superbowl gathering. Watched a game and saw some mediocre commercials. I was let down by the "Ferris Bueller's" commercial when it turns out to be Mathew Broderick and not his legendary character Ferris.

I finished up 7 images for the art show... (Details will be posted, I'm sure... Because our own Matt & Tracie will also be showing, so you better come!!!) The theme is "Violence" in comics or "Fight"! Be sure to check it out!

Ok, so I don't have a lot to report other than current books that I just read have been great: FF & Fantastic Four A+, Justice League had a solid B. Action Comics is great and I agree with Tracie that I do miss Morales even though Kubert is always good. Lastly, Batman is Frickin Awesome. Best book this last month. Ok, hopefully I'll have more to report soon.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

If It Ain't Broke...

So, this morning's comic industry news has been filled to the brim with D(etective)C(omics) Comics playing musical chairs with their artists. (oh, and the Smallville Season 11 digital comic)

Take a deep breath and here's the rundown: 90's Animal Man artist, Steve Pugh, is taking over art on Animal Man; Animal Man's Travel Foreman is moving to Birds of Prey; Birds of Prey's Jesus Saiz is moving to Resurrection Man; Resurrection Man's Ferndando Dagino is moving to Suicide Squad; and whoever was drawing Suicide Squad is... not.

After reading all of this (and lord help us, let that be the last of these announcements, today) I find myself consumed with the question: "WHY?"

Pugh was already sharing art chores with Foreman on Animal Man, so that didn't come as too much of a surprise, but Jesus Saiz is PERFECTION on Birds of Prey. Absolute PERFECTION. Especially with the addition of colorist, June Chung. He draws strong, realistic women and that's SUPER important on a book like BoP. (and something it hasn't often seen, with artists like Ed Benes and Ardian Syaf)

So, why the shuffle? I know fan reaction to Travel Foreman on Animal Man has appeared to be split right down the middle. (I fall on the "Love Him" side) Potentially, bringing Steve Pugh to the book would appease everyone. Foreman has previously worked with writer, Duane Swierczynski, on Iron Fist, so that makes sense... but do they think that moving Saiz to a lower-selling book will improve sales? Did he simply want to try something completely different, having been a part of the last two volumes of Birds of Prey? Suicide Squad has already seen quite a shuffle of artists since it launched so one more makes little difference.

It just... seems strange and pretty needless, all the shifting about of artists.

But mostly I'm just upset about losing Saiz. I dig Foreman quite a lot and I'm sure he'll do fine on Birds of Prey... and he's definitely not in the "Image-style" school that Benes and Syaf travel in, but... and I can't emphasize this enough... Jesus Saiz is just SO perfect on Birds of Prey and it's become such a great female-focused action/caper comic, I'd hate to see anything shake the series.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tracie's Pull List - Week of February 8, 2011

So, what'd you guys think of the Super Bo--AAAAAATHEAVENGERSTRAILERAAAAAA!!!!

Actually, the extended trailer that hit online afterwords was so much more satisfying than the one that aired during the game.

Or maybe it's just because I was able to watch it without a room full of people talking.

And by people, I mean DEAR FRIENDS who I was very grateful to have been in the company of.

Also, that new Amazing Spider-Man trailer? Preeeeetty nice.

Now how long before we get a look at Man of Steel, huh?

Anyway. Comics. I sure do think about them a lot.

And so does my wallet.

Let's, my wallet and I, have another conversation about comics.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Death and Return of Superman

As someone who's actually had a co-worker come up to me and ask me to explain The Death of Superman to them, it's nice that I can now just point them to this:

I've seen this linked several places online but to be fair, it wasn't until my cousin Scott placed it on my Facebook wall that I finally sat down and watched it.

It's... it's pretty accurate. Though--and I'm sure I can speak for him in this--Robb and I disagree in his initial statements about Superman and there being nothing special about him. And I can say that as someone who spent most of her life in the "Superman is boring" camp.

But that's all beside the point. The point I actually wanted to bring up, besides the fact that this is a fantastic and hilarious and accurate-ish video, is that this video was created by Max Landis, son of John Landis, and screenwriter of the new film, CHRONICLE, that brought in a lot of strong reviews this past weekend.

I haven't seen Chronicle yet--though I'd very much like to--but I understand that the director of the film, Josh Trank, has been rumored to be the frontrunner for the Fantastic Four reboot. Now, if those reviews and this wonderful Superman recap are any indication, I'd like to say that maybe this kid aught to reteam with Josh if that really comes to be. He knows his stuff and, even better, he delivers it in a really charming, fun way. (and lord, those celebrity cameos)

I think we need another Comicbook Crossfire Goes To The Movies weekend and hit up some Chronicle. Maybe we could double-feature it with Phantom Menace 3D. (consider it a cleanser)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Before Watchmen - After M.A.S.H.

Before Watchmen huh? Well… DC first off, I’m impressed. Seriously. Just when I think the hoop-la is over and you all will settle and let the market adjust (as well as my wallet), you go a pull off something completely unexpected again. First the New 52, then the Day and date digital. Now this. I don’t always agree with what you do or how you do it, but man… you sure know how to stay in the spotlight! As a company, you’ve had an incredible 12 months of publicity and no matter my opinion, you’ve put yourself in the driver’s seat for the future of comics. But a Prequel... ok... I'm going ot be all over the place on this one, so hear me out.