Saturday, February 11, 2012

Robb's Guide to Etiquette in the Comic Shop

Ever been in your favorite comic shop and just been annoyed with those around you. Or unable to hold a regular conversation without someone telling you that JMS is the greatest writer ever to grace a funny book? Well just point them to my all purpose guide to how you should act in a Comic Shop!

1. Please don't read the books before you buy them. Its understandable to flip through them and see if you bought it or not. But don't sit there and read it. You don't watch a DVD before you buy it. (Unless you saw it in the theatre... ok bad analogy.) This is your shop owner's bread and butter. Pay for the book before you read them.

2. Don't make eye contact with those playing gaming cards, HeroClicks, or and Role Playing Game. If you do make eye contact, expect a conversation about Armor Class, Double Damage or How much better 4th edition is compared to 3rd. You're best to just keep your head low and eyes down at all times, but since this is impossible, if eye contact is established bring up a sporting event, a car, or mention girls. This subject will usually frighten or disorientate the gamer and through him off his game. They can sometimes counter by speaking louder and about nerdish things. On the worst occasion, you'll have to smile, nod and slowly back away. Usually your friendly comic shop owner can spot a customer in distress, and lend a helping, "Ready to check out?" But sometimes, its the shop owner talking your ear off. So be cautious.

3. If you have a pull file... please try and pick it up regularly. We all hit hard ships, but again this is the store owner lively hood. Don't make him call you.

4. Please be aware of those around you. If you see someone standing an arm lengths away from but scanning through the "Marvel" section... be polite and walk around him/her or say excuse me and smile as you reach for a comic in that person's view. DO NOT BE A DOUCHBAG and just step into their viewing area and block their view. Because you should know he had a bad day and was just looking for some book to help ease through his lunch break. Just because you think you're a bigger Marvel Fan and you're fanboy ass deserved to walk right in front of the 2 foot space between me and the wall of comics...doesn't mean I won't donkey punch you from behind.

5. Never assume nerds are weak... we are not. Some of us are short tempered. DONT WALK IN THE 2 FOOT SPACE BETWEEN US AND THE WALL OF COMICS.

6. Don't be afraid to ask the store owner if he/she has something that isn't out. Sometimes someone hasn't picked up their pull list in 5 weeks and the shop owner is happy to get rid of some hard to sell books. Most shop owners are pretty cool and knowledgeable. If you show them that you can hold an intelligent conversation, they usually welcome the chat.

7. Don't show random customers lewd or gross YouTube Videos that give them nightmares.

Well, I think that will be all for this installment, but I promise you'll see more comic shop etiquette.

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  1. Robb - Thank You.(Now if only that guy at the comic convention would've read this!!!!)

    'Till the nightmares end....
    Shawn Drapal