Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Best Superhero movies ever...

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is having their annual awards show tonight so I thought I would give you a Quick top 10 of what I believe to be the best Superhero movies of all time.
Oh, I should state that this list is infallible and that any attempt to argue them is invalid.

10. Darkman

Liam Neeson, can fight droids, wolves, Appalachian stereotypes but for me- he is always going to be Darkman. This was one of the ubiquidous basic cable movies a few years ago it was always on. Sure not a comic book movie (though they made them after) it is a great modern Superhero tale, borrowing concepts from every where to create a truly wonderful thing. Aslo the Bruce Campbell cameo is the BEST. We'll see Sam Remi show up again on this list.

9. Tank Girl

I am not going to lie. This movie would be #1 based on sound track alone. Lori Petty only has one character- luckily this is the right movie for it. This movie also inspired my membership in Suicide Girls...

8. The Incredible Hulk

This is the ONLY hulk movie that exists. It's by no means perfect. I think some corners were cut... but man I liked it. The chase in the Ghetto sold me on this film.

7. Blade

Oh god... the cheesy dialogue alone should make this movie suck. Wesley Snipes doesn't have a great track record... but... this movie makes it work. Its like a Michelangelo carved out of turds.. it works. This movie brought vampires and marvel movies back. Weird huh?

6. Captain America

OK, I am biased here... I admit that. But if you have ever read a Steve Rogers story then you will agree that this movie took an iconic character and transferred him to the screen perfectly. The only other movie to do this better is our number one movie.

5. Batman

Seriously. Do I need to type anything here. Its only flaw? It was made in 1989 and something didn't age well. Jack's joker is a bit more subdued then I think of him, but still frightening. Bat-dance muthertruckers.

4. X-men

Finally, Holywood started looking at comic book heroes as viable characters. This was the beginning of the new age... the one we live in now.

3. Spider-man

I wrote off Spider-man in my mind till this movie... It washed away all those clones. Sam Remi learned a lot between this movie and #10 and it shows. The acting in this is great, the casting is awesome and the upside down kissing is top notch.

2. The Dark Knight

If you disagree I am done with you professionally. (Batman begins could easily knock most of these movies off the list (I am looking at you Darkman.) Nolan gave us the best sequel since Empire... I just hope no ewoke show up in Rising.

1. Superman

ugh... I feel like I am giving Robb a win here, but I can't deny. This is the shit.


  1. This is great Monty!

    I'm impressed... and a bit off put that Captain America isn't higher (lower in number) on your list. Yes, giving me Superman is in ways a win. But the Original Superman is the Superhero movie for which all others are based upon. Tankgirl made your top ten? Great movie... just shocked to see it on your top ten.

    Also, X2 compared to X1?

    Um also I didn't see Barb Wire on your list... and I know how you cry whenever you forget to set your DVR.

  2. Just like how Dark Knight tops out Batman Begins, X2 and Spider-Man 2 beat out their origin movies, in my opinion.

    Blade, Tank Girl, and Darkman surprised me. I know Monty's feelings about Thor but... no Iron Man?

    You surprise me, Monty Eich.