Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Superman!!!

For some, Superman's birthday is considered February 29th. This was established in the Silver Age when editor Julie Schwartz declared that Superman’s birthday was on Leap Day in a number of letter pages. Also it was reiterated in Superman Annual #11.

Officially, the character turns 74 this summer.

For me, traditionally I'd hit every local comic store in the area on this day.  Alas this year, circumstances have prevented me from this. But I plan to watch the Justice League: Doom DVD movie and hitting a store or two on my way home. But, if you truly like what Superman represents and stands for... Do something honorable and decent. Help someone out. Hold a door for someone. Hide your road rage. Whatever. But in all honesty, try to be a better person, be a Superman. Happy Birthday Kal-el.


  1. Things Superman Would Not Do:

    - Trash you on your birthday
    - Literally call you trash