Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Superman movie "I WANT TO SEE".

How cool would it be... everyone wants a "Death of Superman" movie. Me, I want a space adventure, as the Man of Steel fights the demons of a battlefield and a mental breakdown. Only to be subjected to arena warfare at the hands of a otherworldly tyrant. But our hero learns of an ancient Kryptonian weapon and a Rao religious leader who've lived for 1000 years and seemed fated by destiny to impact Kal-el's future. Superman in Exile... The "non-Superman" Superman movie I want to see!

We've done a podcast on this very subject... but I still feel like I only scratched the surface of why I love this story arc. In honor of the Leap Year/Superman Birthday, I wanted to embrace and celebrate why I love the character "Superman". 

As stated here and in our podcast, this is the story that hooked me as a Superman fan and drug me into comic books. After the Annual from Action Comics #2 (Post Crisis), I found that I couldn't get enough. I needed to find out what happened. The execution of Zod and his partners. The trials of finding Gangbuster, the appearance of Milton Fine (Brainiac), Superman's Power's losing control, the pending army of Aliens forming to attack the earth. The Reveal that Gang Buster is Superman... All leading to Superman being Banished. A self imposed Exile!!! 

If you'd like to read this story: Superman 21-33, Adventures of Superman 444-456, And Action Comics Annual #2 and regular issue # 643.

These issues defined Superman. As a Hero, and Icon and most importantly that he will not kill. In the most extreme situations, Superman will champion life. Even of his enemy. Like Dr. Who, Like other heroes... But this is Superman. Earth's Greatest hero. In an arena, fighting to uphold his beliefs and learn more about his lost planet. 

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