Sunday, January 30, 2011

OCW - January Week 5: Captain Manhattan

So, are this guys colors orange or red? I found like 2 images of this guy. Talk about obscure. Next week's OCW... Bob Zamuda? What did he do? Just walked around. Obsure, Eich?

Henry Cavill is the new Superman!

The "Man of Steel" has been cast for Zach Snyder's up coming Superman movie, and I'm very happy. Not as happy if they cast Brandon Routh... but I understand, they really needed to distance themselves from the previous movie.

Henry is damn near perfect, and here's why. He's an incredible actor on Showtime's The Tudors. He's really great as Charles Brandon in Season 3, as he leads English troops to quell a religious uprising in the north. He is torn between his loyalty to the King and his own moral compass. And his eyes showing compassion could be very Superman-esque. (Even though Brandon later showed little mercy, but eh different characters).

But the best reason I like Cavill as Superman is they stayed with an unknown! I feel this is paramount because I don't want to be looking at someone and thinking that's Robert Redford dressed as Superman, that's Jon Ham dressed as Superman. That why I liked Routh... he felt like Superman. And I feel really really good about Cavill. (I hope I'm right... and lets not have any more real estate crimes this time.)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Robb's Comicbook Code

Robb's Comic Book Code #7

Please don't spoil the surprises, twists, or deaths in an event, movie, and/or comic book. In this day and age the internet and "must report first" news groups have ruined the ability for anyone to have an Empire Strikes Back moment ever again. Be considerate and don't ruin the ending for those who enjoy the ride rather than jumping to the end. At the very least, Put up Spoiler Warnings!!

(example:: Fantastic Four's Death TODAY!!!!)

Robb's Comic Book Code

Robb's Comic Book Code # 6

When a comic event makes it to the "mainstream", it really sucks that those loyal and regular readers miss out because poser prospector want to jump on the band wagon. We love new readers, and events are meant to pull us in, but it just sucks to have been there all along and have to miss out because the store only ordered the normal 5 issues!

(example:: Death of ?? in Fantastic Four, Any big mainstream eye catching event)

Monday, January 24, 2011

OCW - January - Week 4: SpyBoy

I'm a fan of Peter David, and the concept of children "hero" comics. So I ask you why, Why? Why have I never read Spyboy. Next convention I go to, I'll grab a few cheap back issues and check'em out.

Executive at Amazon by day, Amazon Vigilante by night

David E Kelley writes awesome TV shows!
Wonder Woman on TV was AWESOME!
David E Kelley making Wonder Woman
Ally McVigilante will be SUPER-AWESOME!

OCW- Spyboy!

Albert Broccoli presents...

When you look up Spyboy the image
you get 99% of the tim is Bombshell's
chest, so I went back and aped that
cover... for a redo.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

OCW Spyboy

Look out, Spyboy! Those Serbian commandos have been Werewolfulaized!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Super Hipsters (from

OCW Red Ronin

It was my pick this week and I decided to go with Marvel's Red Ronin. I mostly remember him from Godzilla, but I guess he's showed up in Avengers and Iron Man and most recently as a young girl/cyborg/robot/christmas tree-thing or sumthin'...

Anyway big, goofy robots. Can't go wrong with that.

Dr. G

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OCW - January - Week 2: The Weird

The Weird came from an alternate dimension to protect the Earth from the Zarolatts & Macrolatts. Possessing the body of a dead man named Walter Langley, the Weird was approaching critical mass as he fought along side the newly formed JLA. He befriended Langley's son and defeated the alien invasion only to perish in a colossal blast.

Ok, it was a simple story, but it really stuck with me. It was early on as I was collecting comics and I saw Guy Gardner on the cover and I had to read it. The ending is rather sad, but it stuck with me forever!

The Flaming C, in Young Justice

Team CoCo meets the JLA...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011

OCW Skyman and Gus Beezer

Wooo! Skyman! What a cool looking character. I remember seeing him in a book of golden age comic covers years ago, but had forgotten about him until his name was thrown into the OCW mix. Getting less love is "Not Ready for Fox Kids Saturday Morning" Gus Beezer. He looks like Mighty Max and Ugly Kid Joe decided to have a dirty love-child, then completely forgot about it and drew a character called Gus Beezer instead.

I do think Gus needs to show up as a team-up with Deadpool, though. That'd be awesome...

Dr. G

Friday, January 7, 2011

2010 , A Quick Year in Review!

Its been a quick year, and a lot has happened in comics. I'm sitting here trying to remember it all and I'm sure I'm not. Here are a few of my personal favorites and a few big misses. Now this is only my opinion... but here goes.Favorite Artists:
Francis Manapul on Flash, Stuart Immonen on The New Avengers, Gary Frank on Superman: Secet Origins

Favorite Writers:
Gail Simone on Secret Six & Birds of Prey, Geoff Johns on Superman: Secret Origins & Green Lantern & Brightest Day, Judd Winick on Justice League Generation Lost & Power Girl.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

OCW - December 12 - Magpie


I like to think of this as the "Bratz doll" interpretation of Magpie.

When Robb suggested this as our OCW, he had just lent me John Byrne's MAN OF STEEL which I believe is this charming villainess' first appearance and holeee mackerel SO 80's. (MAN OF STEEL was great fun but boy oh boy that Magpie is somethin' else)

I'm sorry I've fallen behind on our Obscure Character of the Week drawings but hopefully this makes up for it.

(unless you think it's awful--in which case, it doesn't)

Who is this Mysterious Hero In Action Comics #900?

If you have any ideas on the name of this shadowy half-dressed man please let us know.
Here's what we do know:
1) Wears an "S" emblem, could be a clue to his name
2) Dockers and a a belt, he may work in an office (Notice the yellow belt under the dockers, maybe he has belt based powers?)
3) Cape under his shirt. If no one notices the bright blue undershirt through his oxford, they should notice the red cape bunched in the back... if they do not, then we can assume he works with non-observant types... or morons.

Leave for theories on a name and an origin in the comments below!

Find out more about Action Comics #900 here.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

OCW- The Skyman 1/1/11

A wonderful mix of Doc Savage,
Captain America and Batman- I looked
for patriotic heroes and came across
The Skyman. I wish I could get some
interiors of the comics for no other
reason but to check out his plane,
The Wing.

Allen Turner is a great character and a
wonderfully retro look.