Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ok, I saw Ghost Rider...

Today, My wife and I were out near the mall and didn't want to go home yet. "Let's go to a movie." My wife says. "Sure, I'm kinda interested in seeing Ghost Rider." I say. "Sure!" She says. Ok, its a comic based movie. I feel obligated to eventually see it. But... 

Ok, let me first say its not horrible. There are some really, really awesome moments. I knew what I was getting into movie wise when it came to a film made by "Crank" Directors: Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. There are some fun scenes. I even liked Nic Cage. But, this was not a good movie. The good does not out weigh the bad. Most importantly... this wasn't a movie to take my wife to. 

The Good: Action is great! Special Effects rock. I laffed a few times and even jumped from being startled once. Explosions and car chases, fight scenes and smoke. Visually, this movie is really nice. Camera angles that show some great thought and the animated "backstory" was very cool. 

The Bad: Dialog and Story and Acting and and and... But I wasn't surprised by this. I knew it was going to be a bit of tongue and cheek. I was ok with campy dialog and wafer thin plot. I still felt like they moved the character along and gave a little more, new depth. I knew this was going to be bad... this isn't what turned me off the movie. Here is what is...

The Ugly: WHAT?  Whats with the weird delays and visual wobbling. The Riders first appearance in the movie it just odd. He jump in a parking lot on his bike, get off the bike and just stares. Kinda wobbles and looks at people.  No shooting... just jaws dropping. No penence stare... just a weird pause. It then it happens multiple times in the movie. Like someone loved doing long slow shots on the Rider and kept putting in footage with no dialog. It made no sense.

Anyway, I wish I waited til thsi went to DVD. Its worth watching, just not 20 bucks on a date. This movie was about the way I felt after Punisher: War Zone. Campy, Fun, Violent, and a little funny, but overall poorly done. But the Spider-Man trailer in 3-d was awesome.


  1. I thought the acting overall was decent and the part where the rider first shows was great. The GREAT head movements and no dialogue really got me into it.

  2. I thought Nick was good and the cast was fine. It was meant to be a dark/campy movie. And I liked all that. But there were some scene... I was scratching my head... like bad bad editing or something. Maybe its a style thing... Crank had a lot of the same odd pauses. To each their own. I don't think its a good movie... but I did like it. Just wish I had seen something worth the 20 bucks like "Collateral" or something.

  3. Caleb and I dug the heck out of it. Pretty much what I'd hoped for from a Crank/Ghost Rider mash-up.