Monday, February 27, 2012

Earth 2 (CBXF debates)

It all started with a an email from Tracie to the gang... Earth 2 and Batman... and this link:
Tracie: Is the New 52: Earth-2 actually the Flashpoint earth???  

Tracie: The Free Comic Book Day book that Geoff Johns is doing with Jim Lee, Gene Ha, and Kenneth Rocafort is supposed to focus on Pandora (the woman in purple) and feature scenes taking place in the old DC, Vertigo, and Wildstorm earths.   This could all play into each other.

Monty: So is the Huntress Bruce's sister?

Tracie: Dead Bruce's alive sister? Maybe.  The tease they've been giving the Earth-2 Batman is that he's "a" Wayne, not necessarily Bruce.

The original Huntress was Earth-2 Bruce Wayne's daughter, via Catwoman. And there was some heavy hinting in the New 52 Huntress series regarding cats. (and being very consious never to give her last name... unless it gets revealed in the last issue)

Sean:  What Wayne could it be?

Robb: John Wayne.

Tracie: Lil' Wayne
I don't want to spoil Flashpoint anymore than I already have, if you  haven't read it.  If that's, in fact, what Earth-2 is.

Sean: So what are the chances of it being Thomas?

Robb: Nope, John Wayne.

Sean: I know it can't be 'lil Wayne. He's still in jail.

Tracie: I thought Lil' Wayne was released. Or did he get arrested again and I just lost track?

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