Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pop Heroes! Superman

Its been forever since I splurged and got any kind of toy. Tonight my wife said I was a "good boy" and I got the coolest Vinyl Bobble Head toy. Creepy eyes, adorable figure. Damn Awesome! Check 'er out.


  1. That is sweet, also reminds me of my recent purchases. As of late I have been interested in the DC Universe Classics line so for my birthday I spent a little and got a few. I was so happy that I could find a Black Vulcan online. I love the character from Harvey Birdman and I honestly find myself saying his trademark phrase far too often. Also I was able to pick up an Eclipso and Cyclotron at the same time for real cheap, was able to get free shipping too. And just yesterday I got a Golden Pharaoh and Sinestro Corps Batman at Toy-R-Us on sale. And to round out the group I found a Batman Legacy Mr. Freeze, which honestly looks a lot better in person than he does online, the purple just doesn't photograph well.

  2. LOL, Golden Pharaoh makes me think of an educational show they used to make us watch growing up here called "Reverse the Curse"!

    Awesome finding any of those for cheap. I went grocery shopping with my wife for the first time in a long time yesterday. I had no idea how many new toys hit the shelf. DC's Young Justice (Overly priced) mini figures are cool looking, but I adore the Marvel equivelent. Those toys are damn COOL!

    Wish I had a disposable income, I would have picked up all the DC and Marvel Pop Hero Bobble heads!

  3. Yeah I avoid getting a lot of toys since they are getting over priced, so I wait to find some good deals or sales on websites.

    The thing about Young Justice figures is if you do want any of them I would get them sooner rather than later. I get the feeling that the after market price on them is going to end up skyrocketing, especially after next year's SDCC since I would be shocked if a Young Justice Flaming C isn't an exclusive next year.