Tuesday, August 2, 2011

CBXF's Comic Book Fantasy League

We've finally did it... we made a comic book fantasy league! Hows it going to work, you ask?  See the details below.

We already had our draft. You can see who picked who if you click on the graphic. We will play in seasons… Starting at the DC relaunch. With Justice League #1 and go for 6 months. Its everyone vs everyone. Most points at the end of the 6 months declared winners of the CBXF "NFL SUPERPRO" Fantasy Comic Book Trophy. Then we will redraft and start over in 6 months.  Robb is commissionerd and will judge and tally points.
The points are tallied from these 8 books:
Marvel: Avengers #16-20, New Avengers # 15-19, FF #8-12, X-Men #16-20
DC: Justice League #1-6, Justice League International #1-6, Teen Titans #1-6, Birds of Prey #1-6

From these 8 books each participant will pick a team from a draft... and your points will tally from that team. Each team will consist of each catergory.

One QB (Top Tier/Multi Media/Most popular Characters)
Superman, Batman, Spider-man, Wolverine or Green Lantern (Hal)

One RB (Mid Top Tier/Own Title/Movies etc)
Thor, Captain America, Iron man, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Hulk

One Wide Recievers (Mid level/Well know among geeks/own title)
Firestorm, Hawkeye, Red Hulk, Superboy, Supergirl, Red Robin, Nightwing, Cyclops, Gambet, Dr. Strange, Luke Cage, Cyborg, Storm,

1 kicker (One Supporting non hero)  Character level
Alfred, Lois Lane, Jarvis, Perry White, Etc.

One Defense (Super Villain)
Dr. Doom, Loki, Sinestro, Lex Luthor, Joker, Red Skull, Magneto, etc.

How points will work...
(Points… mainly based on appearances, but some points will be a judgement call by Robb) Only in the 8 books mentioned.
1 point per appearance in a panel. (Not Clark Kent or Secret identity... Superman, etc.)
3 pts if character appears on cover (If there are variants, It'll be the basic cover that's on the shelf - Commissionerd choice)
1pt if they say something clich√© like: (Up up and away, or I’m the best at what I do, or friendly neighborhood, Clobbering Time… etc.)
5 pts if something romantic occurs… (kiss, sex, etc) even if its eluded to… judge’s opinion.
10 pts if they quit the team (even momentarily)
10 pts if they kills someone
25 pts if they are killed
Trades are allowed, but they have to be fair. Someone can't have Wolverine and Batman. All Trades must be approved by the Commissionerd. Players can also choose from the pool of un-picked characters if Robb deems it a fair trade. Trade deadline is the Release date of Justice League #1. After that, all picks are locked.
That’s basically it.


  1. Leave it to the *girl* to have the most girls on their team.

    PFFT. Dames.

  2. Chicks don't sell comics. Especially those that wear pants.