Thursday, August 25, 2011

DC New 52 Teaser One Lines, by way of CBXF

Maybe some of you saw on Newsarama today, that DC launched a bunch of "One-Line" teasers for their up and coming 52 re-launch! (Check out the link here) In it, there are little hints and clues about what is being said in the new series. What's does this reveal? Who is saying this? What does it all mean?? Well... what you didn't know was, those weren't all the lines revealed. We at CBXF have discovered many others phrases that didn't make the DC "teaser" line cut. So After the jump, check out what "Quotes" DC didn't want you to see.

"With great power comes great responsi... oh who cares, lets hit an Applebees."

"Seriously, Clark... I'm not trying to be weird. Just look and tell me if this look like a mole or what?"

"Join me... Bruce! I am your FATHER!!"

"Weren't you in that Shaq Movie? No not Kazaam!"

"Ray, when someone asks if you are a God... you say YES!"

"Alright, Who left the seat lid up??? Really? Really? Crumbs? There are crumbs!"

"Our base is overrun! We don't have enough... Where is the pickle relish?!"

"The groove is in the heart, Batman... Groove is in the heart!"

"Did I just hear Hal say, 'I know, Right' Again? Van Wilder was better!"

"Do you think we could get Spider-man or Wolverine to join?"

"Are those Underroos? How old are you Orin?"

"I want my money Cyborg! You have your proof, Diana isn't a natural brunette."

"Send a squad, I want pizza and I don't care if I have to take on the entire League."

"Um, where are my pants?"

"You've got me... Who'se got you?"

"That's not my baby! You get him out of the tree."

"We are close, I can smell fish!"

"Its a trap!"

"I got a bad feeling about this."

"Doood, what's with Captain Atom's hair?"

"Harvey can be a force for good..."

"I have a plan, but it involves a Green Lantern ring, A Lasso of Truth, and a toothbrush."

"Wendy!?? Marvin??? No... NO NO!!"

"Is that Aquaman's hand... again?"

"We'll take the Super mobile!"

"You know what happens to a frog when it gets hit by lightning?"


  1. I feel like I aughta punch you for that last one.

  2. Would a "catwoman" movie quote have been better suited?

  3. No it wouldn't because then you will be admitting to having actually seen Catwoman.