Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tracie contributes to Fifty-too!


As you've probably heard, DC Comics is less than two weeks away from relaunching their entire line of superhero comics, fifty-two all new titles starting (or starting over) at the first issue. Most of their characters are getting new looks, some are getting streamlined or updated histories, and some older and more obscure characters are getting a turn in the spotlight.


  1. I just don't get the whole legacy name thing, even weirder in this case. Impulse in part was defined by the creators avoiding the obvious legacy name of Kid Flash. Hopefully the whole legacy name thing fades away in the New 52, which seems likely seeing how Earth 2 is coming back! We are one step closer to my dream book, a Earth 3/CSA ongoing!

    And for the record I think it would have been super cute if they called Iris something like Kid Quick. You know something that a little kid would come up with.

  2. I can't disagree more. Although I understand why they are doing away with some of it, the Legacy thing is one thing DC did better than Marvel. The JSA is a whole team composed of Legacy heroes. The richness and characterization that was developed through having a junior partner as well as offspring to carry on the name. Marvel just doesn't have that. I think the best example would be Wally West.

    Wally was a deeper character than Barry ever was. But that deepness came from living in Barry's dead shadow and trying to live up to his Uncle and hero's legend. Then we have Impulse... a unique kid with genetic ties to Barry. Then we get Jay Garrick and Johnny Quick and the Speed Force. An entire family of Speed characters! And they were written with such care... So to see this image Tracie drew of some of (the new) Impulse, continuing that legacy... makes me smile. Because yes we still have those old pre-Flashpoint stories. But I'll miss Wally and the legacy built around him.

    PS. Barry was given a hero's death in the Crisis. We are not only being robbed of Wally going on, but of a Hero's good-bye. Explain that to me DC?

  3. Let me be a bit more specific, I hate legacy names. Always feels like a creator is taking the easy way out. That is why I hope this Earth 2 follows the Roy Thomas concept. They are legacies but at the same time they are wholly unique characters. For me Huntress (Helena Wayne) is the best example of this, she can stand on her own but you can still see the influence her parents had on her. I am just wary of legacy names after a good deal of 90's ones getting the shaft.