Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You Have The Ability To Install Great Fear

(art by Cyclopsfan1)

According to IGN, the October 14th Blu-Ray release of Green Lantern will apparently include an access code for a Sinestro Corps Batman Skin for Batman: Arkham City.

Though, content-wise, it would make more sense to include Green Lantern Batman, it's still pretty genius marketing and a nice way to get/trick hardcore gamers into buying a film they might have otherwise blown off.


  1. Sinestro Corps Batman does make more sense, Batman is one of the most feared beings in existence. Also they already made the action figure which hasn't showed up in anything yet. I hope he has the awesome toy grimace too.

  2. My point was, if you're going to include a Batman skin in the Green Lantern movie blu-ray, why not include a skin of Batman as a Green Lantern. Particularly when the Sinestro Corps does not appear in the movie and he was a Green Lantern for just as much time as he was a member of a Sinestro Corps. About one panel.

    But obviously they picked Sinestro Corps because he's scarier and more badass. And it's just a more popular depiction.

    Though if you really wanna go horrific, then go all out and throw in a Black Lantern Batman skin.

    (or the Elseworlds Vampire Batman with the 4 foot long ears)