Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Man of Steel Revelation (SPOILERS I guess)

Blog@Newsarama revealed a set photo from the Man of Steel shoot, currently filming. It shows a tiny glimpse of Superman's full costume for the upcoming film. I'll hide it under the break, for anyone who wants to avoid this sort of thing, though it's just some people in costume standing around.

So, looking at this photo, I came to a realization.

Without the red trunks, he looks like Ultraman.

(the Crime Syndicate Guy, not the Japanese robot hero)

Seriously, if I didn't know this was from Man of Steel and couldn't make out the "S" (and I kind of can't) I'd think "Oh sweet, Ultraman."

So maybe it's just the nerd conditioning, but because of this, he looks like a bad guy to me. And maybe it takes a REALLY good guy, to throw some red trunks over that thing.

Anyway. Just my thoughts.

Welcome to Crossfire.


  1. First Ultraman is not a robot, he is an alien from the Land of Light in M78 Nebula where he is just one of countless Ultras that act as an intergalactic police force.

    I'll wait until we see less blurry image before I decide anything. Plus I think I see a belt which will make him look less Ultraman.

  2. I was being facetious/glib when I called Ultraman a robot. Sorry.

    I've seen the belt but it still rings like Ultraman to me. Oddly, the trunkless New 52 costume doesn't do that, but it does make me think of Superboy Prime when I see Perez draw it.

  3. Honestly though I am surprised people are focusing on the costume that much anyway. It was expected that DC is going use the new costumes as much as possible, you just have to look at Mattel for evidence of this. I think they actually news here is person in the black cape. Is it a villain or the first hints of Superman/Batman team-up.

    Also I think more people should give the Japanese hero-scene a chance, so I get a little miffed when people thinks everything is just a robot.

  4. The person in the black cape is Faora, Zod's right hand gal in the film.

    And I'm not saying it doesn't make sense for the movie and comic costumes to match, trunkless as they are. Though the comic redesign is still a bit different than the movie costume. (collar, armor bits, robot boots, etc.)

    All I'm saying is, it looks like Crime Syndicate's Ultraman.

    (and I will try not to assume that shiny silver people with light-up eyes are robots)

  5. I once thought Johnny 5 was a robot... But it turns out... He's alive! ALIVE!!!!! (Cue El Debarge music........ NOW)

  6. No really, have you seen this video? Really, that was what we called entertainment. Awww the 80's!

  7. *batteries not included is by far the best 80's living machines movie, highly underrated too. Brad Bird did the screen play so that tells you something.

    Also thank you Tracie, we all need to do our part is stopping the evil that is fictional being profiling.

    Also I was so hoping they would realize Zod is played out and you know picked any of other Superman rouges that wasn't him or Luthor. Parasite would have been great, he would have provided a physical challenge without having his same powerset.

    Also I can see how you could think of Ultraman, I personally didn't. Honestly for me to think of Ultraman the emblem needs to be upside-down.