Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Super Female Heroes: GIRD YOUR LOINS

If you recall our last Friendly Fire podcast (watch it HERE) we had a bit of discussion about Supergirl's new costume and how some of us have a bit of a problem with the abandonment of the skirt. Particularly in the way the outfit is cut. ...Y'know... Down there.


Supergirl artist Mahmud Asrar posted this beautiful splashpage from the upcoming reboot/launch and while it is a wonderful drawing, I feel CREEEEPY that I can see that much of her bare pelvis.

And I am a girl.

Albiet a weird one.

But c'mon guys. Pants or tights or SOMETHING.

Especially with Supergirl. I will allow that there are some characters who allow more wiggle room (so to speak) when it comes to how sexualized they can come across. In Power Girl, it's kind of part of her charm. But Supergirl is wearing the "S." That carries with it a level of dignity and respect. And also, she's at best, what, 19?

Certainly the rebooted Supergirl of The New 52 could be a whole different creature; older, sexier. I hope that isn't the case because that's really not what I'm looking for in the character of Supergirl, but we won't really know until sometime next month.

It just seems like we've traded the often WAY too small belly shirt for an outfit that causes me to ponder Kryptonian grooming and, er... maintenance.

So... Thanks and you're welcome.


  1. Totally agree. I hope they make her older. I just don't think every female character needs to be sexualized.Like you said, Supergirl should have a certain level of dignity.

  2. I can see what you mean but I think it's just this artist's interpretation. I've seen Wonder Woman and Black Canary drawn with their same traditional costumes but a variety of ways from the superthong and really high over the hip cut to modest bloomers/bootie shorts. The new boots of Supergirl bother me more. Just make them knee high boots. What the hell is up with those cut out knees? Blech.

  3. Hear Hear!

    You know, at first I like the changes on Supergirl. Then I saw Jim Lee's original sketches that really highlighted the "panty" area... and it started to bug me. Then Monty's argument sealed the deal... "I wouldn't let my little girl wear that Supergirl outfit."

    I agree, some characters can fit the "sexy" costume feel, but Supergirl is a children's icon. I'd take the skirt back, too.

  4. I actually don't mind the cutout knees. It's the whole pelvis piece that isn't a full belt, doesn't wrap around.

    Iiiiit's a diaper flap.

  5. Personally I don't mind it all that much, though to be honest I haven't spent much time thinking about her crotch. As I see she is alien, thus she has different cultural values than "us". Really I think the costume is going to be used as a plot point, it is going to change as she becomes more accustomed to Earth.

  6. Certainly different artists can and will interpret the design differently. My problem is that this is an actual page from the comic, by the comic's regular artist so this will be the primary interpretation.

    It would be nice if this was actually story based and perhaps after meeting her cousin, he could urge her to cover her nethers a bit better. But I would be surprised. Especially after Wonder Woman's disappearing pants.

  7. The Wonder-Pants issue has more to do with fan reaction to the change more than anything else. Honestly I think if the JMS design never came along the pants would have stayed on the costume.

    Again I still feel that the the costume is going to end up changing over her story arc. From everything I have read I get feeling that Kara's story is one of assimilation. One of the biggest players in this story will be her supporting since they will filter how she learns about Earth. Also since they have mentioned the fact they want to focus on her being a teenager no doubt some other teenage girls will be part of the ensemble. And if they are they will no doubt make mention of Kara's cut. Personally I hope we get a revisit of the Supergirls concept, since damn it I want more Traci 13.

  8. Great article. I'm a guy and felt creepy looking at it. Someone needs to revamp her by having her wear shorts or just three different uniforms. Have a closet filled with them. Damned DC can never get the costumes right on Supergirl or Power Girl. Sigh.

  9. All I have to say is look at this:

    Starslayer: The Log of the Jolly Roger (EARLY 1980s)