Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cover of the Month - July

Another month has gone by already?? So who do I pick? Well its always hard to choose what cover catches my eye... but Oliver Coipel's rendition of Thor vs. The Surfer is definitely poster worthy. Just damn cool. And legendary artist Gene Ha's creepy and cold image of a young Kal-el screaming in a tube... just awesome.


  1. Picking that THOR cover over Paolo Rivera's DAREDEVIL #1???

    Do I need to start a rival Cover of the Month?

  2. Yes, Yes you do. I think you'd pose great insight as to your favorite and you buy a lot more books than I. BUT..

    I was totally turned off by Daredevil's first cover. That cover art did nothing for me. Kinda Blah. (fight fight) Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I value yours a lot! (I swear, no sarcasm... completely sincere) Even if you're wrong. :p

    Do you agree with or at least understand my number 2? Gene Ha is awesome, that drawing of terrorfied young screaming Kal-el! Just errie!

  3. I must also say, Paolo Rivera's interiors were awesome. Incredible way of showing his radar. Just wasn't an exciting cover image.