Monday, August 29, 2011

Another Comic Book Racial Outrage!

DC showed another teaser today. This time its for the new Justice League International line-up. In this new image we have seen many possible additions to the team. But staring at the picture, I came to the conclusion maybe something isn't quite right. With the Ultimate Marvel controversy over a Half African-American/half Hispanic Spider-man... and DC's casting Perry White with African-American actor Lawrence Fishburne, I see this latest teaser image as more "Nick Furried" racial swapping. I have a theory who else has changed... after the jump, see if you don't agree.

We have all these new characters in this 9 panel teaser... This woman HAS to be either Amanda Waller or Hilary Clinton. Dang it DC... Next you'll tell me that man in the top middle is the Joker! To see the real story, check it out here.


  1. Seriously though this line-up is looking to be rather fun. I mean not only is there the core JLI team present but we also get a lot new faces. From Godiva (an old Global Guardians member) to August General in Iron. Plus this teaser hints at not just Plastic Man but also Hawk & Dove and Frankenstein.

  2. I completely agree... This will be a fun book. I'm a little worried about Dan Jurgens as writer after Winick's great run. But I have faith he'll pull out something great.

  3. For the record, Bleeding Cool tells us that is "Sexy Margaret Thatcher" not "British Hilary Clinton." Though I'm not sure what the difference is.

    ALSO: I would be SUPER all over Green Arrow joining this team, except I don't know how I'll like the de-aged, de-bearded Ollie. He looks like Caucasian Connor Hawke. (or Regular Connor Hawk, for all those colorists who would forget his ethnicity)

    I can totally get over all that, though, if Plastic Man is really on the team.