Friday, August 12, 2011

Top five "Worlds of the Multi-verse" I'd like to see.

So DC is getting relaunched… theoretically, so is the Multiverse and its 52 Earths. Now that we know the Wildstorm Universe has folded into the DC proper and are some characters are missing from what we've had teased. Where did they go, What worlds still exsist? Can we incorporate some of the elseworlds? Why not… Here are some ideas from me!

1. Kingdom Come:
post Wonder Woman and Superman's baby. How cool would it be to see the next generation of Kingdom characters rebuilding a world shattered. We can have the "Batman Beyond" aged Bruce Wayne, along with Diana and Clark, as their teenaged son leads a new generation to a new golden age of heroes!

2. Captain Marvel world.
So make it in continuity, but on another world, where talking tigers and worms are logical. Get a great art team and intelligent writer. Oh and Mary Marvel is innocent again!

3. CSA!
A Crime Syndicate ruled earth! Lets have a terrified world that was hinted at on Justice League of Two Worlds. Grant Morrison's Take was great too. This has been a classic idea… lets have a world where all the updates DC proper is getting… so is the CSA! Except Superwoman will have pants!

4. JSA/Earth2
Why not put the pre-Crisis JSA and the Infinity Inc., All Star Squadron back in a world that that was their own? Then We can have a young Jay Garrick, Alan Scott and the rest? On Thanksgiving each year, there will be a rift/crisis and they can come play in DC proper's playground… but then we can have Huntress and Powergirl team. Or an adult Robin (with pants). I don't know… if we are rebooting things, lets have some classics back to were they were fun too?

5. Superman/Secret Identity Earth.
Imagine Kurt Busiak writing more than just Superman and Batman if they were to really happen. Superman Secret Identity was the coolest idea. Imagine a whole JLA… built of crazy, realistic, settings that develop a DC would that "could" happen.

Do you have any you'd like to see? Comment below, or email us your ideas!

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  1. This is going to be a bit odd (shocker I know) but my favorite AU is Old Gotham from the Batman 1996 Annual. One of my favorite comics as a kid and to this day one of my most treasured issues. I honestly suggest everyone try to find it, it's not all that rare. For my money it is one best examples of why I think DC should bring back Elseworlds. Which I think they may considering a lot of DC Comics Presents collections are Elseworlds collections.