Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CBXF Mailbag - Friendly Fire Comments

Hey guys,

New listener/watcher here, only seen a few episodes, will start watching all the back "issues" that I can.

Was just listening to the lastest episode of Friendly Fire. I think the whole "digital age of comics/virtually everything" has good and bad points. I hate spending money for something that I don't actually have in my hand. Its great to actually have comics sitting on your shelves. I love the fact that you can theoretically have your entire collection in the palm of your hand and you can search through it very quickly etc...
Being from the most isolated capital city in the most isolated state in the most isolated country it is easier for me to get hold of things online as opposed to my very irregular trips into town to the only comic book store around.

Just another quick point. PSN (Play Station Network) has a half decent comic system on it. I have a PSP and it has a built in comicbook reader in the base system. I don't own a PS3 so can't comment on that, but it would get to a whole bunch more people/kids if it is on that as well. At the moment it doesn't have a very large catalogue, but there is a lot of stuff that is going on regularly. They also have a decent set of free comics on there to give new people to comics a good "sneek peek" at comics. Both Marvel and DC are on here, plus a whole bunch of others. The reader is quite nice, the pages turn and give you an overview of the page and then zooms to the individual panels as you scroll through. I find it quite nice to read comicbooks on it.

Anyway just thought i'd mention that there is a fairly decent system to start getting out onto the console users mind. I think with a bit of pushing and something similar to get onto PS3(unless already there) and/or Xbox it could be a good way to get the comic word spread to alot of the new generation of console users.

Well keep up your good work guys


CBXF's Robb Responds. First off, Thanks for the e-mail! We appreciate any feedback. Let us know what you think of other episodes, we are a work in progress and any suggestions/thoughts are very welcomed. 2nd, we've had many digital vs. floppy discussions and I know its worked it way into more than one podcast. Its nice to know others have these thoughts. Personally, if I could put every comic I own into a digital format, I totally would. But I don't collect comics as an investment. There is some sentimental value to me. But I want my closet space back. I know others don't feel this way. And I don't like the idea of never holding a book again. But I feel digital pricing is still outrageous... One thing that is for sure is that comics are at a crossroads and the industry is evolving. This is where many of the CBXF'ers have discussions and debates. 3rdly... I have a PS3 and didn't know about the comic reader. I've seen advertising for comics, but never really looked into it. I'll have to check it out... once the Sony Network is working again.

Thanks again!

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