Thursday, May 5, 2011

Green Lantern fans, explain this to me

Really? Really? Who we kidding here?

From Green Lantern #65.

Traci corrected me, it's Emerald Warriors #8

Will this be in the movie?

Dr. G


  1. Oh you DCBS guys... That was SO 5 weeks ago. ;)

    (Also it was Emerald Warriors #8)

    (And totally plagiarized from my Guy Gardner/Iceman slashfic)

  2. Seriously, though. Today was the first I had read about this. Has the artist commented on this?

    Funny stuff. Can't believe DC let that go through. It's a little (wait for it...) on the chin! Hawhaw!

    I always had my suspicions about Guy and his fetish for Wampa runoff.

  3. Oh my something that could be seen as homoerotic in a genre of fiction that features Adonis like men in tight form fitting spandex.