Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DC Comics' Big Announcement

Now, Before I jump to conclusions... Let me first say it's my understanding that this is basically what Marv Wolfman wanted to do after Crisis on Infinite Earths. Ok... based on this story from DC's Blog The Source, We are getting a Universe Reboot. All new number ones and 52 new titles. Not to mention 50 new costume designs all by Jim Lee. Also DC announced same day digital as the floppies. I have to stew on all this. I'm unsure my feelings, personally. There is a lot to take in. I see a lot of potential and I also see some things I don't like. I feel like we aren't getting the whole story yet. How will Flashpoint set up this story? Is it a true NEW Universe? Or? I don't know. I will say this... I'm impressed with this bold move. Really jumping out and making a DC national story. Changing things so drastically. Its very bold. I'll give them that. Making a dent in the comic universe as a whole. I promise, hell we promise that at CBXF... we will have a lot of opinions formed as this story develops. Wow.


  1. I was asleep for 4 hours and then this broke. And the thing was right before I did I was discussing this "rumor" in a forum. I am muddled too. All I can say is I am loving Cyborg in the Justice League.

  2. Oh, Man!!!

    Everything is gonna change and be new and different! Forever!

    Just like after Crisis, Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis, 52, One Year Later, The Return of Bruce Wayne, Blackest Night, Brightest Day and Captain Carrot and the Final Ark!

    Ever feel like you're being cheated?

  3. Also, anyone else troubled that G.L. conjured up a high tech dick-gun with his power ring?

  4. YES!!!! Troubled and cheated! That gun belongs in Predator. The REAL Hal Jordan would have a boxing glove or a shovel. Wotta crock.

    -Shawny Rotten