Sunday, May 29, 2011

OCW - May - Week 4: Our Own Characters

Awww, High School and on into College... this was Monty & My Universe. He commented that we had a "Bible" of background info on each character. And he's right. This was our general Universe of main characters. From the top Left...
"Side Kick Boy, Reign, Bender, Aurora, Hectate, Wynd, Nimbus, Dethrose, Some Robot, & Adrenaline. Wow... I loved digging these out. I may post a few more.


  1. Robb, we changed Deathrose's name to Geist about 10 years ago.

  2. I am not sure we settled on a name for that Robot, or did we? He fought Aurora in issue #1 of Symmetry.

  3. You are correct, we changed the name... but the drawing is of Deathrose... not Geist. I don't think we named the Robot... I thumbed through the issue of Symmetry 1 & 2... nothing.