Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tracie's Pull List - Week of May 11, 2011



Last week, huh?

Thor? Wow.

Free Comic Book Day? My wrist is still sore from sketching for nearly 8 hours straight. (but also wow)

Second viewing of Thor? Still wow.

I'd say I need a break from the excitement but I have a play opening this week, so no dice there. (if you're in the Omaha area, COME SEE!)

So let's just get to the comics then, shall we?

Amazing Spider-Man #660

What's better than Spider-Man and the Fantast--Future Foundation battling zombie pirates? Well, how about the Sinister Six. And hey, did you like that free Spider-Man comic you got Saturday? Because that's just how fun this book has been under Dan Slott.

Astonishing X-Men #37

Jason Pearson drawing the X-Men battling Fing Fang Foom and other giant monsters in Japan. Yup.

Batgirl #21

Oh sweet, darling Batgirl... Don't ever change. (though if you want to bring back Cassandra Cain as the new Nightwing, I will be extra happy)

Birds Of Prey #12

NEW ARTIST! NEW DIRECTION! Really, the only thing keeping BoP from achieving greatness has been it's SUPER inconsistent art from numerous fill-ins, on top of the cheesecakey art of Ed Benes establishing a tone for the series that doesn't actually match the way that Gail Simone writes the characters. Jesus Saiz seems extremely well-suited to this sort of book, as he proved during his run on Manhunter. I'm eagerly anticipating Jesus bringing a stronger voice to the series.

Fear Itself Youth In Revolt #1 (OF 6)

Sean McKeever and Mike Norton, the creators of Gravity, reteam to bring you several Young Allies and former Avengers Initiative characters reacting to the events of Fear Itself. Sold.

FF #3

THE COUNCIL OF REEDS RETURNS! Oh Hickman... Your brains are good brains.

Flash #12

The final(?) issue of The Flash and apparently the last time we'll see Francis Manapul draw the series. It's a shame this series never quite got off the ground running (so to speak) before it just became a launching pad for...

Flashpoint #1

It's here! I have almost no idea what to expect from this series other than the sort of work that Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert bring to the table. This first issue already feels like it has a lot to prove but I'm ready to be wowwed. Wow me, gentlemen.

Journey Into Mystery #623

Kieron Gillen continues to build Loki's path and motivations in the shadow of Fear Itself. Gillen does excellent work and I quite like Teen Loki.

Mega Man #1

I'm a sucker for Mega Man. What can I say? The games are difficult as heck but I love the robot designs. I bought the Dreamwave comic from years back and this one looks to be quite a bit more faithful to the sort of world the games built. Also, Archie put out a REALLY super trailer for the comic. I mean top notch stuff. Check it out.

New Avengers #12

The story of the "first Avengers" continues as does the stringing along of fans who are concerned about what is to become of Mockingbird. I ARE CONCERN. I should think Bendis wouldn't turn around and kill off a character he was instrumental in bringing back to comics but, then again, she doesn't have her own series anymore.

New Mutants #25

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning take over as new writers on the series. Although Zeb Wells did a really remarkable job on the series, I'm excited to see what DnA are bringing to the table since I haven't read anything that wasn't cosmicy/futurey from them in quite some time.

Red Robin #23

Since I ended up skipping last month's crossover with Batman and Gotham City Sirens, it feels like ages since I caught up with Tim Drake's drama.

X-Men Legacy #248

Age of X aftermath! What's it mean for Legion, Rogue, Cargill, Magneto and Gambit?


THAT IS ALL, FOLKS. Now get back to not resting.

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