Sunday, May 29, 2011

OCW: May 29 (Originals)

Devin Heilig AKA GEIST

This is kind of cool for me. Some 19, 20 years ago Robb and I were sitting around and we decided to make up our own super heroes. I wrote tons of stuff on these guys, a whole bible of info on the characters, the universe and even some outlines of issues.

Cut to some 2 years ago, I started playing City of Heroes. I decided to breath some life into my high school creations. Here is Devin Heilig... AKA "Geist." A former elite US Marshal turned robo-cop. After having his mind placed into the body of a bead alien cyborg, he went rogue. He's a bad ass who is officially too old for this shit.


  1. Nice Monty! 20 years ago?? Crap... it really was like 9th Grade. Glad we did something productive with our lives. Seriously though, they are cool images.

  2. Man I was hoping for something for more 90's, still neat though. Quick question can he swap out his arms for other things like chainsaws or shot guns? I just get that impression from him.

  3. Saint, as I remember he has some sort of energy guns that would extent out of his fore arms. I based most of his "powers" on the idea that he was composed of nano-bots. so some shape-shifting was do-able. As far as the 90s go, Robb's actual art from that time was VERY 90s... Geist (then Deathrose) had a Grifter type mask, with a techie monocle.

    CoH does a great job of letting you customize your look, but it has limitations. I play it a lot, I am on the Justice server if any of you are ever on.

  4. Deathrose? That sounds like the name of some Vampirella-esque character.

    Also I would love to see some of the original art.