Thursday, May 5, 2011

OCW - May - Week 1: Bill

In honor of the release of the Thor movie this week, we chose an obscure Thor character. The sad part was... Bill wasn't our first. Kroda the Duelist, Geirrodur King, forger of Mjolnir... but I couldn't find photo references. So we went with Bill!

Bill was an incredible character that appeared for a short time in Thor during J. Michael Straczynski's run. He was just an Oklahoma Boy who feel in love with the goddess Kelda, when Asgard was floating above Oklahoma City. They had a few unusual dates, where Bill had to walk among these Asgardian warriors and each time in his humble way, he would pass. In the last issue, Bill, a resident of the Oklahoma town that Asgard hovered outside (and above) of, stumbled upon three Asgardians who were in cahoots with Loki and Dr. Doom.  After overhearing of the atrocities being performed on the Asgardians, Bill took on the trio with disasterous results.  Now, bloodied and dying, Bill lies in the Latverian snow as Balder, the present Lord of Asgard, arrives to find out what has happened.  The three villains claim he was enraged and they did all they could to subdue him without lethal force.  However, when Bill whispers to Balder what he has seen and heard, Balder takes on and kills the three villains.  With his dying breath, Bill tells Balder to tell Kelda, the Asgardian girl he has fallen in love with, that he loves her and make sure she knows that to be truth.

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