Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vin Diesel interview for Iron Giant

Why am I posting this? First off... I loved the Iron Giant. Its an incredible animated movie. But what always cracked me up was how much everyone ever interviewed always described Vin Diesel as this Actor "supreme" while recording his voice over work for this animation. The bottom line is, he's a deep voiced jerk, who got to talk in burp noises and get paid. Brad Bird is a master animated film maker. But Vin Diesel needs sun glasses to look cool while belching on a voice over. Sorry... just venting.


  1. It's okay Robb sadly that is how the animation field goes these day. Like how when talking about Looney Tunes: Back in Action (not a bad movie it just suffers from trying to do too much) everyone always talked up Brendan Fraser doing the voice of the Tasmanian Devil but no one gives one lick of attention to the great voice work of Joe Alaskey, Jeff Bennent, or Billy West. My advice when it comes to animation avoid any mainstream source, they just care when "big time actors slum it".

  2. As my Twitter feed will attest, I will never miss an opportunity to talk about Joe Alaskey.

    But I'm a huge voice actor nerd and it's true that media outlets are only attracted to "movie stars."