Wednesday, May 18, 2011

OCW - May - Week 3: Tomorrow Woman

Created by Professor Ivo and Professor T. O. Morrow to destroy the newly formed JLA, in the late 90's. She became a member based on her telekinetic abilities which she claimed were the result of a "mutant 4 lobed brain." Actually, she was a living bomb designed to go off at a specified moment and kill the entire JLA. Eventually though, she did exactly what she was programed to do. Become a true hero. She saved the JLA at the cost of her life and earned a right to be buried in the JLA grave yard. Later she was returned to life and "dated" Hourman. To learn more about Tomorrow Woman, click here.


  1. Honestly she is perhaps one of the few things Grant Morrison has created that I actually like. But of course he then killed her off, so as always I am conflicted. You know she would be great to have on the JLA again.

  2. I agree, now that you mention it. I would love to see Tomorrow Woman on the JLA again. With her adventures with Hourman... she made a few appearances, why not have some time glitch and bring her back? Great Idea!

  3. It wouldn't even have to be that complicated. One of the things to come out of Trinity was Tomorrow Woman being brought back as a human, but I forget the hatred you guys have for that series.