Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Odinson and Mighty Avenger Makes for an excellent film! (Spoilers)

Its Friday night of the opening week of Thor and the CBXF gang just filmed their initial thoughts in video podcast form. But to be honest... I only scratched the surface of what I wanted to say. I'm going to do my best before the excitement fades, so here goes.

Some of my favorite moments...
The war between Asgard the Frost Giants is awesome. I migrate to a Lord of the Rings feel. Like we are getting a fantastic telling of an actual historic event, but all the details are eloborated and exaggerated. The funnest part of this movie is the over confident, brash, Odin-son... Thor himself.

Odin's Throne room. Thor is about to be crowned the next in succession to the Asgardian crown... as he flippantly walks among the people and waves like he's in a parade. A huge cheezy smile, super arrogant and warlike. What suprised me most was how much I liked Loki. Thor's half brother is just perfect. Perfect! I felt sympathy for Loki, because its obvious that Thor is the favored son. But being the comic fan that I am, we know that ultimatly his is Thor's rival and eventual enemy. Tom Hiddleston's performance is just dead on. I was worried that the Loki costume and helmet would be too comical and cheezy, but it wasn't. Loki is sinister and dark and the perfect foil for Thor.

Other great things... The relationship between Thor and Jane Foster, wasn't too overly romantic and a touch of innocence. Thor is a gentleman who seems enchanted by this mortal. Its not overly mushy or physical, but you feel a genuine connect between the. And just when I was about to comment that doesn't Sif (played by Jaimie Alexander) also have feelings towards Thor... there is a small moment of her looking affectionately to the Thunder God.

Other favorites... The cameo of Hawkeye... nice fanboy moment. Nothing flashy, just a nice nod to the Avenger fans. De-Powered Thor in that New Mexico town, having fun moments, like going to the Pet store looking for a horse or the largest animal that he can ride. There are so many great moments. I know Tracie and I could gush and gush.

Ok, Thor is one of my all time favorite comic book characters. He really is, but I'll be the first to admit, he's kind of cheezy. He has a bright blue costume and a bright red cape. He has blonde hair and swings a hammer. And lets not forget the Thor-speak? Of all the core Avenger characters, Thor is the most difficult to bring to film. He's magic based, when the others come from science. Thor had the potential of really being the black sheep... but it wasn't. It got to the core of Thor. An arrogant son, banished from his kingdom, learns to be a man and finds who he really wants to be as he also finds love. Thor isn't ground breaking. Thor isn't the best Marvel movie. But it really carries the Marvel movie torch and has done an excellent job of grabbing it from Ironman and prepping us for Captain America and then the Avengers. I don't know what others may think... But I loved this movie!!! Loved it!


  1. Did the movie stick to the comic? I want to watch it but I too think Thor looks cheezy and I wasnt sure how to feel about him going to earth... Is that even apart of the comic as well!?

  2. It plays out similar to the recent, short-lived, excellent (and personally beloved) comic, Thor: The Mighty Avenger where it sort of streamlines some of the convoluted elements of Thor's relationship to the human world and they do a wonderful job of carrying the balance between who he is to Asgard and whohe is to Earth and Chris Helmsworth does such a perfect job of capturing all these elements of Thor that it really cleared away any doubt I had that Thor might not be able to fit in the film world that's been established in the Iron Man and Hulk movies. Now I can't WAIT to see him interacting with them and Captain America and the other's in next year's Avengers.

  3. I Agree with Tracie... in spades! I kept worrying during the trailers, that it would come off as cheezy. But Chris is dead on perfection as THOR! Its just the right amount of silly with respect and honor to what Marvel has done with Thor in recent years. Not having read Thor the Mighty Avenger, but having read the "FCBD" Capt & Thor book... I think they captured that spirit very well.

    Again, i understand that DC using going to use this template for their movies... for what ever reason. Don't care... they should. Becuase this is what "I WANT" as a comic lover and Comic book movie lover. Marvel is getting it right in my personal opinion.

    And again... Loki... if that actor does anything different... we have a completely different movie. Loki makes that movie! Its a villain you kind of understand, you respect, and are unsure of. You care about Loki... you really do! As time goes by... love THOR all the more!