Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tracie's Pull List - Week of June 1, 2011

I've been sick since Friday, what did I miss?

Did I miss anything?

Is anything happening, comics?

Good ol' reliable, neverchanging world of comics...

Let's just see what my 4-color security blankets are up to this week, shall we?


Amazing Spider-Man #663

Everyone's favorite character Anti-Venom is back! (he is no one's favorite) I would like to turn this over to Art Chat for a bit and say that WOW does Klaus Janson really transform anything he inks. This isn't anything new, but Guisseppi Cammuncoli is an artist who has a pretty distinct style all on his own and I would say that I almost do not recognize him here, under Janson's inks. For good or bad, Janson and Seinkiewicz are very transformative inkers.

Astonishing X-Men #39

I assumed the whole point of splitting up this storyline by alternating issues with Christos Gage and Juan Bobillo was so that Jason Pearson would have more time to finish his issues with Daniel Way but now it looks like we're getting NO Pearson interiors on this anymore which is disappointing as it's pretty much the only reason I wanted to read this arc. I like Nick Bradshaw, though, and he does seem to draw a pretty mean Fin Fang Foom.

Fear Itself #3 (OF 7)

Something big is supposed to happen here but DC's bomb drop in USA Today, yesterday (USA Yesterday?) will probably have deflated anything that could possibly happen in this issue.

Flashpoint #2

Holy castrating Amazons! Alright, DC, you have our attention.

Flashpoint Batman Knight Of Vengeance #1 (OF 3)

The 100 Bullets team takes on an even moodier Batman than we're used to. (and with good reason, I suppose)

Flashpoint The World Of Flashpoint #1 (OF 3)

This may have to pass the flip test. I liked the Traci 13 character in Joe Kelly's Action Comics run. As a rule, I generally do not approve of Traci's who don't put "e's" at the end of their names, though.

Irredeemable #26

More depravity from Mark Waid!

Moon Knight #2

Interesting set up. Let's see where this goes.

Ozma Of Oz #7 (OF 8)

Skottie Young doing his thing. Being perfect.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Vol 2 #1

The kind of weirdo I am: It REALLY bothers me that Christina Strain is no longer the colorist on this series. Like REALLY. I think her absence really shows and the book needs a colorist with a stronger voice than Sonia Oback has shown, outside of her work with Mike Choi. I'm being totally serious about this.

Secret Six #34

I really hope that we still have a Secret Six in September and that it's written by Gail Simone. Don't mess with perfection.

Superboy #8

Phantom Stranger! Mysteries revealed!

Sweet Tooth #22

It's good! It's real good!

Thunderbolts #158

It's good! It's real good! (and a Fear Itself tie-in) (which I guess means that pouting we saw Juggernaut do last issue will be replaced with hammer swinging)

Uncanny X-Force #11

RETURN TO THE AGE OF APOCALYPSE! Oh Uncanny X-Force, it's though you see into my very soul.

X-Factor #220

I feel like this issue may be the decider as to whether I keep hanging onto this book or not. It's tightly crafted, quality stuff, but it has been at the bottom of my to-read pile for ages and I question how much I actually care about the characters and what's going on. Also it seems to run into the problem Peter David's books sometimes do where they start to become parodies of themselves. I don't know. This one is meant to pay off on Rahne's time as a member of X-Force so we'll see how that resonates with me.

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