Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tracie's Pull List - Week of June 29, 2011


- I get angry at Green Lantern's scheduling problems again. But only because it's MILDLY ANNOYING.

- I rave about dudes that I like raving about. THEY ARE GOOD DUDES.

- Prelude to Schism stops wasting our time, maybe. (and by "wasting" I mean "giving us well-written character backgrounds while being annoyingly vague about the impending catastrophe")

ALSO Transformers Part 3: Turn Off The Dark Of The Moon 3D hits theatres and makes the bold claim that it does not suck as hard as the one that sucked really hard. SIGN ME THE HECK UP. (no seriously, who wants to go with me?)

Amazing Spider-Man #664

Anti-Venom! Wraith! Mr. Negative! The Road to Spider-Island! Shouting stuff!

Avengers Childrens Crusade #6 (OF 9)

It's that time again! Time to drool over every inch of Jim Cheung's artwork. Ready your bibs.

Detective Comics #878

What's this? Oh, it's just Scott Snyder and Jock bringing you awesome Batman stories about Batman being awesome. Hungry City concludes and Franco Francavilla returns to bring us back into the continuing story of James Gordon Jr.

FF #5

A shadowy figure with wings under his armpits appears! Light seems to be glinting off of something on his forehead. NO CLUE WHAT THAT MEANS. Except that future covers and interiors and advertising have kind of told us already. But still. It means nothing to me other than Hickman has a new toy to play with.

Flashpoint Project Superman #1 (OF 3)

Really pretty interested in this. Features a plot concocted by Scott Snyder, but I'm not familiar with the co-writer/scripter. I AM familiar with the wonderful art of Gene Ha, however, and he can draw Superman for me any day, even if it's alternate universe/government scientist prisoner Superman.

Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #11

...Wait. WAIT. Green Lantern #67 was pushed back to July 13 (my--ahem--birthday) but Emerald Warriors is still shipping this week? Do they not realize that Emerald Warriors takes place AFTER GL #67 and that GL #67 is the conclusion of the "War of the Green Lanterns" story that this issue serves as an epilogue for? This is worse than shipping two books in the same week where the cover of one spoils the ending of the other, this is some straight up Captain America: Reborn/Return of Bruce Wayne scheduling nonsense. I understand if you need to delay GL #67 to mid-July because the creative team is being over-tasked with The New 52, but then why not delay Emerald Warriors along with it. It's essentially what they did the last time, when they shipped those two chapters in the same week. I... I don't really get this. I mean... Fine. I'll buy it and then not read it until July 13, if that's what I must do, but... Not everyone's going to want to do that. Are you telling us that the conclusion isn't so important that it doesn't matter if we read the epilogues first? That sort of thinking was excusable with Cap Rebirth and Bruce Wayne because the ending of those stories and the intentions of the were right there in the title. You see Steve Rogers and Bruce Wayne showing up places but you can't be THAT made about it because you knew that's what the final issues of those books were going to give you. The hope was just that the "how" was satisfying to read. I just can't help but feel like this is another example of the "Senioritis" I wrote about last week. I get that there's going to be problems between now and September, when you're giving your entire publishing line a 52 book facelift all at once, but at least act like you still care about the stories you're telling in June, July, and August.

Incorruptible #19

Bad guy is being a good guy but he's not great at it.

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #8

OHH, Nick Spencer's THUNDER Agents, than you for being an awesome comic. I am glad that you will be returning at some point after September. So glad! This is smart superhero/espionage comics. One of my very favorite books at DC, next to Detective, Batgirl, and Secret Six.

Ultimate Comics X #5

I have no idea if this is the final issue or if they intend to do one more or what. The shipping on this is so erratic but you put up with that sort of thing in exchange for some gorgeous Art Adams artwork and some strong character pieces from Jeph Loeb.

Uncanny X-Men #539

I'm really excited for this issue because it seems to have a pretty simple focus: Hope has been kidnapped and Wolverine is all, like, "on it." What I'm hoping for here is Wolverine starring in Taken. Let's see how that plays out.

X-Force TP Sex And Violence

This was a wait-for-the-trade thing for me. Pretty painted artwork by Gabrielle Del'otto of Wolverine and Domino being violent and smutty under the guidance of former X-Force and current Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes writer Chris Yost.

X-Men Prelude To Schism #4 (OF 04)

Final part of the prelude to Schism where we maybe finally see what everybody's been freaking out over for 4 issues, in the midst of otherwise strong character pieces. It's just weird to read a 4 issue series where everybody is speaking about a very vague, impending, catastrophic thing that the reader can't see or know about but everybody is freaked and they're all counting on Cyclops to make a decision and to lead them to their potential destruction by this thing/things/guy/guys/whatever.

That's all for me! What trips your trigger, this week?

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