Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gail Simone defends the DC Changes

Everyone will vary in their opinion on DC's newest reveal. I'm no different. I'm optimistic yet cynical... a kind of been there, done that attitude. But I was on and saw Gail Simone's new article... and she made me look at this with a new angle. You may not change your opinion, but I think you'll respect what DC is trying to do. Or maybe not. Check it out here.

I just re-read that article again... I love you, Gail. You are an incredible ambassador for comic readers everywhere! Please check out her stuff!

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  1. I think the ultimate issue here is that when DC had it's last real chance to recreate their universe (CoIE) they hesitated which more or less forced the universe and the fans to enter a state of arrested development. Of course later on they tried to make-up for it but they were always dealing with that initial lag.