Thursday, June 23, 2011

Monty's Green lantern

OK, as you might have seen HERE, I was very unimpressed by the Green Lantern movie.

I should note I am not a fan of GL in general. I don’t dislike Hal; I just have never been into him or his extended family. In other words, I am just like any of the millions of non-comic-book geeks out there that Hollywood is trying to lure in. That being said here’s what I, Monty Eich, would have done. It’s not complete, it’s vague and it’s not great, I do not claim to be a great writer, this is just the movie I would have made.

Open Scene- Hal Jordon, test pilot. He’s testing some futuristic fighter plane, then is crashes, Hal show’s us his mettle by not ejecting until it’s almost too late. Enter Carol Ferris; she grounds him for being reckless. Carol is worried and accuses Hal of trying to prove himself to his dead father. (We can lose the superfluous “this company is ruined” plot as it added nothing.)

Cut to Abin Sur in space, he is transporting something very bad is in star ship when there is suddenly a massive explosion. Abin Sur is injured and his cockpit is hurled to a shiny blue orb. He has just enough will power left to survive the reentry and impact but he is dying… the ring searches for a successor.

Hal meanwhile is in the simulator, being forced to review the event leading to the crash, we also are treated to a flash back to his father’s death. As Hal exits he is absorbed in green energy and carried to Abin Sur’s crash site. Hal get the ring and the lantern and then Abin Sur’s body disintegrates in green energy. Hal, dumb founded starts to walk away; it is during this walk he is approached by a gang of thugs looking for an easy score. It is in this fight the ring is first activated by Hal.

At the crash site Hector Hammond an Aeronautical Engineer at Ferris is brought in by the government to examine the vehicle. It is he chance he has been waiting for, something big enough to get Carroll to really notice him. During the salvage he discovers a device whose energy if off the chart. He fiddles and hit with a wave of that energy.

Hal is back at work the next day. He tries to make amends to Carroll; he offers to get her coffee but is again whisked away by green energy, this time straight up. Floating in space is Sinestro. Sinestro explains he is responding to Abin Sur’s call for help. Abin is gone, his Ring has been passed. Sinestro tells Hal he will guide him to Oa. Hal refuses, says he can’t leave his life behind. Sinestro is more empathetic he makes a deal, he will train Hal in the basics, and then return for Hal.

Hector Hammond is beginning to transform. Surface thoughts from his co workers are projecting to him. He begins to discover he can move objects with a thought. Enter Carroll, Hammond reaches into her mind, she is thinking about Hal.

Hal and Sinestro fight crime all over the world. Sinestro tells Hal about how free of all crime his world is, how chaotic Earth is. During this we see sneak peeks into Sinestro’s over the top nature. Once again Sinestro offer’s to guide Hal to Oa where he can be properly trained by Kilawog. Hal says he has to finish a few things here on Earth first.

Hal returns to Ferris, Carol is pissed. He’s been AWOL for 3 days and he doesn’t even have the coffee. Hector Hammond interrupts them, he is beginning to deteriorate physically now. He enters both Carol and Hal’s memories, we flash to a montage of them together culminating into them having sex, it’s a memory the Hector places himself in, but then suddenly he is cut off.

Hal’s ring is blinking, pulling Hal out of the state. Hector then reads Hal’s recent memories. He knows about the ring.

Cut to hector’s apartment, he rages Hal has everything he wants, he so cool he has the girl and now he’s a superhero! Hector decides he will TAKE it all from Hal.

Meanwhile Hal has decided to tell Carol about the Ring and ask her what to do. She tells Hal he needs to go, something great has happened to him, he needs to finally stop being afraid of when everyone expects of him and he needs to be his own man, live his own life. They kiss. Suddenly Carol slaps him and storms off. Hal is confused. Carol gets into a van, driven by hector, they go to the Ferris Lab where Abin Sur’s craft is being held, Hector needs more power.

Hal’s ring blinks. He’s on top of the control tower, its morning he’s been moping. Suddenly an explosion in the distance at the Lab. Green lantern enters, Hector at this point is deformed he greets him as Hal. They fight a little in the lab, but then Hector grabs Carol and asks her if she’d like to fly with him for a change.

Hector lands in the city, he starts throwing cars, blowing out windows and the like… Hal triumphs.

Hal tells Carol’s it’s time for him to go, she asks when he’ll be back, and he kisses her and says soon. He flies into space where he finds Sinestro. Sinestro informs Hal he has found what happened to Abin Sur and has “dealt” with it. (We see a yellow glow is a container Sinestro carries.


Bonus Scene: Sinestro and Hal land on Oa, Sinestro then says it’s time he became a full member of the corps, he leads him to a gathering of hundreds of members.

Double Bonus: Nick Fury recruits him.

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