Monday, June 13, 2011

Friendly Fire -Audio Podcast - Episode 7

Tracie & Robb continue their break down and opinion of
each title and team for DC's new relaunch!


  1. Maybe it's my computer (or some weird thing), but this cuts off pretty quickly. Not sure if it was loaded right or what. Just thought I'd mention it just in case....


  2. Well, I was listening after lunch and it cut out when the Batwing discussion was goin' on. I'm guessing there was more. At your service!

    Also, since this is pretty much a superhero comic based site, and DC is going digital I may have to become a secret identity. Huh? I dunno.... Digital comics/digital i.d./digital HD whatsits.... I'm going to digitally reset too!

    For what may or may not be the last time:
    Shawn D(rezzing)

  3. We recorded a super long conversation about these books and broke it up into smaller segments. It sounds like Robb just placed the cut too soon at the end. We also probably should've put a bumper there to transition to the next part.

    Sorry about that! We're still learning.

  4. No problem! Thought I'd mention it just in case.

    Thanks again for these! I enjoy listening to them at work whenever I get a chance. I liked the run down you 2 were doing on each book. Quite the feat!!!!!!!

    Keep on Truckin'...

    Shawn D