Saturday, June 18, 2011

Green Lantern Review

Some spoilage may occur.


  1. I think we should all try to come up with a basic outline for the sequel, since it is obvious they need all the help they can get.

    Part 1:

    Okay we open up with a space battle between Green Lanterns Jordan, Sinestro, Tomar-Re & Kilowag and Starro. Here we get some dialogue how they are all buddies yet at they end we heard Sinestro give some cryptic comment on how he oddly admires Starro. Then we cut back to earth where Hal is at Ferris Air being briefed on their latest project, a ground support fighter that is designed to use soundwaves to disrupt enemy ground forces. We then met one of the project leads Werner Vertigo. After the briefing we see Carol rebuffing the advances of Vertigo with the scene ending in his glaring towards Carol and Hal.

    The next we have Sinestro coming to met Hal with him wanting to show him something. They go off into space exchanging friendly banter, until they arrive at their destination Sinestro's home world of Korugar. Disturbed by totalitarian regime he has step-up Hal rushes off to Oa to expose Sinestro. Obviously hurt by what he sees as betryal he quickly becomes enraged and flies after Hal. In the following fight Kilowag and Tomar-Re try to breaking up the two. Though it turns tragic when by accident Sinestro kills Tomar-Re. With this act the ring leaves Sinestro leaving him in the void of space, though Hal does try to offer assistance he is rebuffed by Sinestro. As Hal and Kilowag fly with Tomar-Re body towards Oa, we see a yellow light coming through Sinestro's clenched fist.

  2. Part 2:

    We then shift back to Earth where after everything that happened Hal is torn with staying as a Green Lantern. We then treated to scenes with Hal and Carol out on the town with Carol trying to cheer Ha; up. This interrupted by Vertigo who starts a fight with Hal, although Hal holds his own it is Carol who knocks him out. After this we see Vertigo fired from the project by the government's liaison Amanda Waller, not just for the fight but also suspicion of working with a group of rebels in the country of Vlatava. Next we see the test flight of the new fighter, at first it goes well until Hal discovers a small device that causes the Vertigo effect in Hal causing him to lose control of the craft. He quickly dons the ring and prevents the plane from crashing and killing Carol and Waller among others. Hal and Vertigo then fight while Carol and Waller deal some of the rebels that Vertigo has been working with in his attempt to become the ruler of Vlatava. We then see Waller approach Vertigo as he is being taken away saying he has a offer for him.

    Due to Hal saving everyone and her business Carol agrees to go out on one real date with Hal. Just as they arrive home Kilowag comes crashing down from the sky. He tells Hal that Sinestro is still alive. Kilowag was one of the Lanterns station on Korugar to help undo the damage that Sinestro has caused. He was attacked by Sinestro in a display for his people and as an act of revenge. Though Kilowag was able to make an escape to Earth since he knew Hal would Sinestro next target. Soon enough he is proven right with Sinestro hovering above Coast City. The battle goes on until the reach Ferris Air, here Hal is beaten down with his ring doing nothing to harm Sinestro. Hal then activates one of the Vertigo effect machines which causes Sinestro to lose his composure. At this point Hal rushes him and grabs the yellow ring able to pull it off but at the same time sapping Hal's ring of it's energy. The two then begin to have a fist fight with Sinestro still having the edge. Hal is then knock to ground with Sinestro walking towards the ring. Just as Hal is about to pass out he tells Sinestro he will never win, asking why Hal tells Sinestro that unlike him he is never alone. Laughing at Hal Sinestro is about to pick up the ring when Kilowag comes in a punches Sinestro. Sinetsro enraged screams at Kilowag saying he beat him once he can do it again. He responses that may be true but can he go through everyone. The shot pans up to reveal a large group Corpsmen hovering above the scene. Realizing his defeat Sinestro surrenders.

    We the transition to Hal at home recovering from his injures, Carol then shows up. When it seems they are about to kiss she pulls telling him that she doesn't date employees and hopes he gets better soon seeing how they a lot of work ahead of them. As Hal slumps back down on hos couch Carol backs in gives him a peck on the cheek saying that was from his friend. We then move to Oa where Sinestro is being held captive. We see hi talking to himself and realizing his mistake, he was just one man going against an entire army. He then comes to conclusion he needs to face the Green Lanterns on equal terms.