Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DC Comics Animated scores again! (Spoilers)

Emerald Knights keeps the DC Animated tradition alive and has pure success as it sets up the Live Action Green Lantern Movie, about to release next week.

This animated movie is an anthology of sorts... which we get a larger "crisis" of a story that allows Hal to tell the newest Lantern recruit, Arisia about some history and tradition of the Green Lantern Corps.

I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised to have an "original" Green Lantern story, depicting the first recruits to put on the rings. This was actually my favorite short. I had never heard of any of these characters and I doubt they existed in comics form. Yet they were riveting. 4 new Lanterns and I totally loved this original tale.

The writing talent was impressive as well... Big DC names like Johns, Tomasi, Guggenheim, and Gibbons... to name a few. Talent that are known for their expertise in Green Lantern lore.  And if this doesn't add creditability, we have Nate Fillion as Hal Jordan. My first pick to play Hal in the live action role.

Needless to say, DC does one thing really well... make animated movies. While this isn't as good as All Star Superman... I'd say it was better than Green Lantern First Flight... and I loved First Flight. Also, I feel its a perfect primer for the Live Action Green Lantern. Helping to dive us into the world of the Corp and its many cosmic characters. Oh oh oh... to add one last cherry on top... the tease of DC next big Animated Movie... Batman: Year One... worth the price of the DVD alone!
Hal shows Arisia the ropes

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