Saturday, April 9, 2011

Whatever Happened to Wilddog?

A couple of weeks ago, at Kansas City's Planet Comicon, I saw a Cosplayer dressed like the hockey masked freak and it got me thinking. Hey DC? Whatever happened to Wilddog?

I’m not saying I miss this lousy DC version of Punisher, but haven’t we seen just about every old character from DC come out of the woodwork? Vixen, Red Tornado, Vigilante, Ambush Bug, and even Lobo have made a small comeback into DC of late. During the 52 series, we got a little slice of what the entire DC universe had been up to. But nothing about the Madman with the Hockey mask? Wouldn’t it be awesome if some really great writer took a whack at him? Like someone with a great reputation of restarting characters, like Geoff Johns. Can’t you see it, a Wilddog Rebirth? Come on DC, I know he was an all around lousy character. Not really one redeemable quality to him at all, really. I mean, I never read what was even going on with him in the Action Comics Weekly Series, way back in the mid 80’s. Ok, on second thought, Cancel this request. I don’t want a Wilddog come back. Please focus more on wonderfully handled characters like... um Walking Superman or Arsenal!

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  1. From what I hear he is in the crowd scenes of the Battle of Metropolis during Infinite Crisis, he kills the Trigger Twins.

    Also if we are demanding obscure character comebacks there is only one response: VIBE!