Sunday, April 3, 2011

Treasures from Kansas City's Planet Comicon 2011

Half the fun of going to comic conventions for me is the deals in the long boxes and cheap treasures. Every year I go through my comics and document issues I'm missing and then I get my fingers dirty as I flip through long box after long box seeing if I can't discover some cheap loot! Most of these finds aren't valuable... at least not financially. But each one is unique to my collection.

Legion of Super-Heroes issue #38
Why was this special??? When I started seriously collecting comics, Superman was put into a situation where he had to execute the 3 villains of Krypton in a pock-universe created by the Time Trapper. I was so lost. What was this pocket Universe, Who was the Time Trapper? I didn't understand what the ramifications of the Crisis were. And the Superman books kept mentioning this issue as important. I was led to believe Superboy died... But in this Pocket Universe, the Pre-Crisis Superboy still exisited. This was the book that documented his heroic passing and put an end to Superboy in the Post-Crisis DC World. I've been looking for this book since I began collecting comics. Once I saw that familiar flag and Superboy silouette, I knew I found gold.

Wild Dog #2
Wild Dog is a potential OCW someday. But he's a huge hit with me, because I discovered him as a backup/side story character in Action Comics back when it was weekly. I was completely defiant towards all things Marvel at the time and all my friends kept talking about how cool the Punisher was. So I migrated towards this quarter bin loser. The story is lame and flat and its nothing but mid 80's, comic code allowed violence. But having just seen a man Cos-Playing as Wild Dog, Tracie finding this was a sign to add it to my collection.

DC Comics Presents Annual#4
My friend David, in 5th grade had an uncle who worked at a place that printed comic books. So my friend would have many misprinted comics from this era. David introduced me to the Crisis and many Superman comics. This cover really interested me. Not only that this was the first and only Pre-Crisis appearance of Superwoman! A book taking place on an Alternate World Earth, where there is a Superwoman and people are attending a "Luthorcon". A convention in honor of Lex Luthor! Got to love Pre-Crisis stories!

Heroes Against Hunger (Superman & Batman)
Same as the book above... This was a special read for me as a kid and I never found it again. Over 100 artists/writers/editors in all helped to contribute to this book made that all proceeds went to Hunger Relief in Africa. This was the first time I had ever heard of such a thing. I'm betting I was about 11 when I read this originally, and I couldn't believe that by buying this book, I was helping feed the hungry. The story inside wasn't half bad either. Plus Lex in this "new" armor (at the time) was always reading worthy.

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