Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tracie's Pull List - Week of Apr 20, 2011

Mmm. Yes. Breathe in that crisp, New Comic Book Day air.

It's Wednesday and, once again, here's a rundown of the comics I'll be picking up with a few anecdotes as to why.

Feel free to join in with your own!

Avengers #12

The conclusion of the Infinity Gauntlet arc! The Illuminati is one of my favorite things Bendis has introduced during his tenure on the Avengers titles and it's so great seeing them get a bit of comeuppance.

DC Comics Presents Legion of Super Heroes Damned #1

I am SO super excited for this and the upcoming LEGION LOST collection. I've been waiting for these stories to be collected for at LEAST 10 years, now. I got into Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's LEGION run when it launched a new #1 and was immediately taken with the artwork by a young Olivier Coipel, who has since gone on to be one of the biggest artists at Marvel. Unfortunately, I was never able to find the LoSH, Legionnaires and Legion Lost issues by DnA & Coipel that preceeded it (and I'm still missing LEGION WORLDS #1). Well, now I can finally dig into those old issues with these collections and revisit my short but fond love affair with the post-Crisis Legion.

[Unfortunately, word has it there was a printing error and all copies of this book are meant to be pulped and rereleased on May 11. So close.]

Generation Hope #6

This book has been a very pleasant surprise as Kieron Gillen has given each of these new characters a fresh voice and perspective and provides what could be the best Young Mutants Learning About Themselves And Their Powers book since the early issues of Generation X.

Green Lantern #65

The War of the Green Lanterns continues as we get a kinda spoiley cover, followed by...

Green Lantern Corps #59

...Which gives us a VERY spoilery cover. I mean SUPER SPOILERY. This wouldn't be a problem if GLC had shipped a week or so LATER than Green Lantern #65, but alas...

Invincible Iron Man #503

This meeting of the minds between Tony Stark and Otto Octavius has been a real treat, and now that "Fear Itself" is starting to bleed into the book, I wonder just how much creepier Doc Ock could get and how Tony will get the better of him.

Power Girl #23

Power Girl, Superman, and Zatanna team up to fight magic dinosaurs. It's descriptions like that that make me love comics.

Supergirl #63

The conclusion of the creepy and surprisingly decent Supergirl Vs. Foursquare storyline. Leave it to Nick Spencer to make social media a viable threat for Supergirl. It's unfortunate that he wasn't able to write the whole story himself, but James Peaty seems to have taken the reigns well enough and gosh do I enjoy Bernard Chang's art.

Teen Titans #94

I never thought there would come a day where I would say "I miss Damien" but boy do I miss him on this team. It's still the best work J.T. Krul has done at DC and Nicola Scott's art is just a perfect fit for the series, in my opinion, and feels like it has a bit of early Perez influence to it.

Thunderbolts #156

Thunderbolts is this weird book where, it really shouldn't have worked past what Busiek had done with the title, yet creators keep finding really smart, captivating ways of reinventing the book and Jeff Parker's work may be the best reinvention it's seen as Luke Cage heads up a rehabilitation program for supervillains and Ghost and Man-Thing constantly steal the show. Also, Kev Walker's art is just sooooooooooooo gooooooood.

Tiny Titans #39

OH HELLO, Tracie's guilty pleasure. It's... it's just SO CUTE, you guys. SO CUTE.

Twilight Guardian #4 (OF 4)

I've been a Troy Hickman fan for a long while and, while not as good as his COMMON GROUNDS work, I still like supporting the guy. I like writers whose love of comics is so very evident in their work.

Uncanny X-Force #8

If you want to see the tranformative power a great colorist can have on your work, just take a look at what Dean White does on Uncanny X-Force. Also, Rick Remender is really making this book a love letter to X-Men history it makes me pretty happy.

X-Factor #218

I love that X-Factor is a book where Peter David can do pretty much whatever Peter David wants to do. I don't know if he has free reign, but it's certainly a loose leash.

Zatanna #12

With an Amanda Conner cover that is pure perfection, this book's actually a fill-in by Matt Sturges and original Zatanna artist Stephane Roux. A sword that can cut through time has to be pretty cool, though, right?

That's it for this week! If you'd like a visual of this week's Pull List, check out iFanboy.

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  1. Thanks for the mention of Twilight Guardian! I'm off to my LCS now to pick up a copy. I can't wait to see how this ends! ;)