Friday, April 29, 2011

Luthor proves Superman is NOT an American

After weeks of digging and speculation, the 2012 Presidential hopeful, Lex Luthor finally found the evidence to prove Superman's "Alien" citizenship. Superman, who recently denounced his American citizenship, could not be contacted for comment. But many joggers who witnessed his "stroll" along America's Highways quoted Superman as saying, "Um... no... really... I'm from Kansas... I mean... Um... Metropolis... Crap... nevermind".

Many people interviewed were confused by Superman's "denouncing the American way", but we were able to speak with a random passerby. Widowed Martha Kent spoke about her deceased husband and his fondness for Superman. "I know Superman has his reasons, but my Jonathan always knew him to have a good kind heart. And I suspect he still loves baseball and apple pie... lets see what Clar... er Superman has to say in the weeks to come.", said Martha.


  1. You know I am tired of this story... If this story offends you are an idiot who hasn't read a comic in years if ever. Can we please go back to time when the news was only on three to four hours a day and the internet was just a place to talk about the X-Files and download low-res pornography.


    I agree, though, it's ridiculous how huge this thing blew up when, if you actually read the story (and understand the difference between renounce and denounce) it's not that big a deal.

    I'd rather people were talking about how good Action Comics #900 actually was as a whole and not about a fictional character's citizenship status.

    Robb did a really beautiful job with this parody, though.

    I, uh... Didn't realize Lara's maiden name was Bouvier. ;P

    (and can only hear Abe Simpson shouting "MRS. BOUVIER! MRS. BOUVIER!!!" in my head now)