Friday, April 1, 2011

CBXF Exculsive, Our Own Rob Granito

I made this!!! See, I signed it!
Sources from ABC News, Newsweek, & Vibe along with reporters from Comicbook Crossfire have discovered that a plagiarist was right under our very nose. Early Friday, Comicbook Crossfire's very own Robb Blum was proven to have been a fraud. Robb was accused of falsifying professional credentials in order to get more people to view this very blog.

Blum, who's resume consists of being the "Ghost" Artist behind "Kingdom Come", "Amazing Fantasy 15", and most recently claims to be the penciler behind Marvel's next huge secret Summer Cross-over. Robb was quoted in an earlier Wizard article as saying, "Me and Marvel Editor Joe Quesadilla, have this waaay awesome plan that we've not yet unwrapped... so stick around. You'll see, YOU'LL ALL SEE!"

But the straw that broke the camel's back occurred last week. Witnesses say that Robb was drawing in his "Big Chief" pad at a Holiday Inn parking lot during the Omaha Sewing & Go-Bot-Con. He was claiming to random passers by to have been the "Ghost" Artist behind mega popular web-comic "Fight", by Kevin Church & Tracie Mauk! Having learned of his boasting that Tracie was unable to make her deadlines, she decided to confront him. Bringing along Mark Waid to "have her back" the one-sided fight lasted all but 11.2 seconds and resulted in Robb crying and turning over his substantial action figure collection over to the Tracie Mauk estate. Representatives of Mr. Blum could not be contacted for further comment.
Recent photo shows Tracie Mauk's bad ass melee abilities!

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