Tuesday, April 12, 2011

OCW - Week 3 : April : Fury

Each week we choose an obscure character and our team of artists & comedians will post their interpretations sometime the following week (Or later). We love getting submissions, but we can't guarantee we'll post them all. If you'd like to contribute your illustration for this or any past OCW, please email a jpeg to: Comicbxf@yahoo.com.  Check the blog later this week to see the next OCW posting!

Lyta Hall... for a character that is obscure... she kind of has her hand in everything DC. She is the Post Crisis daughter of Steve Trevor & the Golden Age Wonder Woman on Earth 2. She was part of the team Infinity Inc. And she went on to marry Hector Hall, the Silver Scarab... After the Crisis it gets fuzzy. She got pregnant and gave birth the re-born Sandman (Morpheus) Daniel. Kind of... long story. THEN during Geoff Johns run on JSA, Hector Hall became the new Doctor Fate. I'm actually leaving stuff out. Yet, most people don't know who Lyta is. Hense... she is this weeks OCW. Check out the wiki link here.

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  1. Why is it that somehow I am familiar with nearly all your people's choices for OCW?

    This reminds me I really want to start to collect Infinity, Inc. such an awesome concept when you think about it.