Tuesday, April 19, 2011

OCW - Week 4 : April : Enforcer

Each week we choose an obscure character and our team of artists & comedians will post their interpretations sometime the following week (Or later). We love getting submissions, but we can't guarantee we'll post them all. If you'd like to contribute your illustration for this or any past OCW, please email a jpeg to: Comicbxf@yahoo.com.  Check the blog later this week to see the next OCW posting!

This week's pick for the OCW was Dr. Geektarded's. He choice was Ghost Rider's obscure nemesis, "The Enforcer"! Ok, so he looks like the Punisher and wears a bullet-proof uniform, this "D" lister made his way into a handful of books across the Marvel plane before his demise at the hands of the Scourge in a now legendary Captain America run. For more on the Enforcer, check here.

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