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Tracie's Pull List - Week of February 1, 2011

Allow me to rant a bit before we get to this week's books...

Just as I come to the decision to drop Justice League Dark, DC announces that Jeff Lemire will be taking over as writer with issue #9 and will bring along some new team members and a closer tie to Justice League proper. NERTS. (or YAY?) That said, I'll probably still skip these next few issues just because I have no interest whatsoever in the I, Vampire crossover.

Speaking of, DC sure is going pretty crossover heavy with the New 52 lately. I get that it might be under the notion that these books have all had their opening arcs out of the way and now might be the time to pollinate readers from one book over to another book but it's starting to feel a little daunting with every new crossover that gets announced. I was enjoying having my (mostly) new universe of titles that I can read and enjoy on their own merits. I don't want to feel like I need to read bat-books I don't care about just to participate in Scott Snyder's big Owl epic or whatever's meant to be coming up in the Super-books.

Hopefully they'll be tie-ins and not actual chapters in the story, where I can skip them without feeling like I just missed a chunk of story. The OMAC/Frankenstein crossover worked out well in that each book told their own perspective of that event so if you read both, you probably got a richer experience, but as I only read Frankenstein, I got to enjoy another issue of Frankenstein that just happened to include Frankie going up against OMAC. It felt like a regular issue of the series and not a Part 2 of something I didn't read Part 1 of. That's my concern, I guess. You got a nice (mostly) clean start with The New 52, don't start falling back on old habits, making readers feel like they're "forced" to buy other books to avoid confusion. They should be able to stand on their own but if that reader feels like they're interested in finding out more about this OMAC or I, Vampire or whatever, they can hop over to that. Reward your readers, don't punish them.

And now, we return you to your regularly scheduled shopping list...


Great scott! The New 52 is half a year old already! Present-day, alien armor Superman teams up with the/a Legion of Super-Heroes!


Animal Man: The Movie, with guest art by the excellent John Paul Leon!


I'm still not sure what this series is trying to do/say, making Cable act like a nutter, attacking the Avengers without question, but I can't really complain so long as I have McGuinness art. I just hope there's a decent payoff, as opposed to just 4 issues of lunacy, biding time before Avengers Vs. X-Men kicks off.


Valkyrie raids Utopia! My level of enjoyment with this series has not dipped one bit and it makes me very excited to see Cullen Bunn and Paul Pelletier take over Wolverine when Jason Aaron leaves.


Brand new arc! Still so behind!


It's sad to read all the comments from John Rozum about how this book was handled and why he left. I'm still enjoying it for what it is and will stick it out to the bitter end. This issue features Hardware! Yay!


The one-two punch of Swamp Thing and Animal Man, still totally awesome. Nice example of rewarding readers who read both books without punishing those who don't.


30 issues and still... so... good.


Spider-Man is trying to prevent Alternate 1985 from happening! Can he prevent the murder of his father, George McFly, and keep Doc from being committed to an insane asylum?? I might be thinking of something else but that's pretty close.


Really strong stuff, here. Fraction seems to work best when he's out on his own, being all high-concepty and weird.


Oh Punisher, I love you. I mean Greg Rucka. Greg Rucka is who I love.


The Trial of Fantomex continues! AoA Nightcrawler is kind of a dick!


Surprise! Kieron Gillen playing off of recent events in X-Force in a super excellent way! Nice to see Psylock's precarious status get some attention.


Oh man, this book looks so, so pretty. The former Cap team of Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice and phenomenal colorist Bettie Breitweiser takes on a Bucky/Black Widow spy book!

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