Thursday, January 12, 2012

Robb's Semi-Weekly Nerdy Journal!

Well this week has had lots of ups and downs. On the top of the list, our very own Tracie felt the need to stay at a very expensive hotel. A hotel where the food is poor and the sponge baths aren’t nearly as fun as they sound. Seriously though, our Tracie was under the weather and spent some time in the hospital, but I’m happy to report she is out and doing better. Soon she’ll be caught up on her comic reading and forcing her comic book – driven political agenda on the rest of the CBXF gang. (Yeah Tracie… we know, Joss for President)

So I got my books and found that my DC Reboot tolerance is sharpening. Fewer and fewer books really are making the cut. I finally decided that despite the creative team quality on all 3 of the Legion books, I find I don’t care about them. I just can’t discover my focus. In fact I just find them hard to read. The story could be lights out, but I just can’t get into the Legion like I used to. So… Dropped! Blue Beetle also was cut. It’s just not the fun story I recall after the Infinite Crisis. Other books getting cut, Justice League Dark, Justice League International, Batgirl and Birds of Prey. Firestorm… you have a one issue warning. Next strike and you’re out! Marvel has seen some cuts from me too. More financial tan anything, but Journey into Mystery isn’t clicking… I was about to give up on FF, then Fantastic Four 600 hit… and I’m now collecting 2 FF titles. How’d that happen?

Some strange keepers… Swamp Thing and Animal Man, didn’t think I’d like those 2, but they are great! Voodoo has been super fun for me, too. And lastly who can argue with All Star Western?!

But the best story I read was written by Grant Morrison, but it was in Action Comics. In issue number 5, we have yet ANOTHER re-telling of Superman’s origin. And honestly, nothing is terribly ground breaking. Its well written and I like it, but not terribly unique. What was unique was the Martha/Jonathan story that takes place as an add on piece at the end. Maybe it’s the timing and the parallels I’m drawing in their battle to get pregnant, but the Story of the Kents Pre-Kalel was just perfect.

Other geeky-news. Played some DCUO and you’ll never guess but my Jock-Red Neck brother, liked playing along too. He got to tag along and punch villains and listen to lousy Super-hero banter and Sean talking about what vagrant was running through his neighborhood. We had a blast! I also learned that there is a Casino Video Game over at the Horseshoe where you drive the Batmobile and fight the Joker. And GAMBLE?!

Netflix… This week, I watched a making of “South Park” , where I learned exactly what I suspected all along. They just sit around a table and talk about stupid ideas until they laugh and then someone writes it down! I want to make money that way! I also have been watching season 3 of Sons of Anarchy… oh the suspense!

Ok, so I've promised to be more creative. Not only am I writing a movie script. (Which is going actually really well.) But I was invited to put a couple pieces in a show. Now this isn't a huge deal for most. Our our Tracie is quite the accomplished artist and Matt Haney has done some incredible stuff as well. But for me, its been forever since I out this pressure on myself. And I forgot how stressed out I get. But I'm working on it. I'll have 2 pieces by time of the show... maybe more. Wish me luck!


  1. I YET LIVE!

    I'm not surprised by the books you dropped. Well, except Journey Into Mystery which you are so very very wrong about.

    You know I dropped JLI after issue 2 and I've already decided to cut Firestorm loose. I'm still holding onto Batgirl and JLDark but I haven't read the latest issues yet so we'll see how I feel then.

    I don't expect you to drop Nightwing anytime soon, but unless Trevor McCarthy draws more issues, I feel I'm done with it.

    I think the fact that these are new books and largely new interpretations that makes it seem easier to be judgemental and drop them sooner. More than that, I think there are so many REALLY strong, enjoyable books out right now, it makes the books that are mearly "ok" seem that much worse by comparison. Reading something as fun as Daredevil or Wolverine and the X-Men makes other comics feel like work. Or to use DC examples, Action Comics, Batman, and Flash make some of the other books seem like they're not even trying.

    1. You hit the nail on the head... with all the "re-newals" I am expecting something more. (aka the books you mentioned in Batman, Action, Wonder Woman, Daredevil, etc.) I realize I'm making snap judgments, but at the same time that IS the direction DC forced us into. They rebooted a Universe and promised quality. Now some books are good and not my thing... I'm going to stick to my guns and stop buying that lose my interest. Yes, I know I hear good things about J.I.M... but I just don't click. STOP PRESSURING ME TRACIE!!!