Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Robb Semi-Weekly Nerdy Journal

My geek week in review...Well I finished my first piece for art display in years! I forgot how stressful and at the same time fun doing an art project can be.
I’m doing the layout for my next piece as we speak. I’m also in negotiations for scripting my movie... since I have no money and will expect friends to do this for free... Plan on this movie stinking! But hopefully a lot of fun to do. I’m in round two of my writing duties... and so far I’m upholding my New Year’s Resolution! I have also read my entire month’s pull of comics and I agree with much of what Tracie wrote in my last column... Are we expecting more? I say yes, many of these books have top talent and are established characters... coming up with a fresh, new twist and good story “Should” be easy. And we forget, it’s not. There have been some great re-launches and some bad ones. I’m just glad that I’m enjoying Superman (on both books actually, and still very happy with Justice League) They have room to get better.

I finished Sons of Anarchy Season 3 last night and Yes, it was excellent! What will I do till Netflix updates the seasons?  Breaking Bad? Maybe...

Lastly, I’ve neglected DCU-Online this last week, due to my brother and I starting a NCAA football tournament on the PS3. I’ve had a blast talking smack and shutting down defenses and reconnecting to my little brother. So DCU... I’ve not forgotten our love, just spreading myself a bit thin. I am married... I can’t tell if my wife is mad or glad I’m neglecting her.

Ok, that’s all till next week!

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