Thursday, January 19, 2012

DC's new look

Tracie forwarded me the new branding for DC Comics, that's to be released and implemented in March. Here is a bit of our conversation. If you'd like to see more about the story: Click this link.

DC's new Branding

Tracie: The interior art is actually going to be by Joe Bennett so this is just the cover but lord is it misrepresentative of the interiors. Joe's a great artist and has a great history with Hawkman and this is one dull-ass Liefeld cover.    Have you seen the new DC logos?

Robb: I like Bennetts art. Since 52, I think he's a strong artist. But what's Liefelds role? Writer... Fuck that. LOL. DC New?    No I haven't... New logos? Hmmm. 

Tracie: DC's new brand identity, launching in March:

Robb: Woah, I do like it... But why? They just updated and its sooo far from any original looking dc icon... It kinda bugs me. Why stray so far away in this new look?

Tracie: That's the main complaint. That every DC logo has at least kept to a gradual evolution of the circled DC and the classic bullet.  And yeah, the current logo is still pretty new--and recognizable, thanks to the cool animation used in the movies and tv shows.  But I guess they felt like this worked better as an app icon that could be animated on iPads and the like. The peel-back would be animated.  I dunno. It's an interesting choice. Supposedly it went through extensive focus groups.  Just shows how focused the company is on its digital future.  I like that there are customized versions. The glowing green one for GL. The Watchmen one. And they do look pretty good in the corners of the books. And are less intrusive than the big (and mixed-font) "DC Comics" on the books right now.

Robb: I like it... But its sooo different. Well the worlds a changing.
Continuing Robb's Thoughts:
Ok, I've had time to stew on this... DC is trying super hard to stay ahead of the pack. And I respect this. I really do. But why veer so far from you're traditional look? You're established look? It was crammed down our throats that DC was going back to the popular Silver Age line ups of Hal as Green Lantern, Barry as Flash, and my least favorite... Barbara as Batgirl. I feel like this is a slap in many ways. Now as a designer, I really like this design. I think its sleek and modern and it lends its self to adaptability. But I feel like it throws away what had come before. Its difficult for me. That Circle with the DC font and a Star was a staple of my youth. And when they modernized it... they paid homage to what came before.

But, I'll get used to this. I do like the design. And Tracie is right, its lends itself to many new digital formats as more eye catching and modern.  *sigh* Can't stop progress!

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