Monday, January 30, 2012

Robb's Weekly the week of Jan (Last)

This week and some was a little less productive compared to the last few. We did get together to record a “Friendly Fire” and debate who’d beat who. But even now, I’m 2nd guessing my opinion on a few choices. That’s the fun of comics. I have a few more surprise debate ideas in the future to spring on the group. So plan on seeing more of those. I know we are still planning on recording a “Golden Longbox” soon. (Details to follow) I also tried to make a cool musical intro for the Friendly Fire audio podcast… but I’m not super familiar with Adobe Audio yet. It’s coming together. With some major aid from Monty...

I didn’t read any comics this week either, but I watched a few comic related movies, while I drew. I watched Dark Knight, Thor, and Captain America… pretty much back to back on Saturday morning. THEN I watched Dark Knight on Sunday again with the commentary on. Damn that movie is so good. I tear up a little each time the Joker says, “You complete me!” Such a great movie.   

I drew a lot over the weekend, then cleaned and played NCAA football against my little brother… who beat me in the conference championship game. Oh well, there is always next season. I played a little DCU Online of Friday too, and went on my first League Mission with Jack and the gang. Needless to say… I sucked. But it was fun. Then Sunday nite the Mrs. And myself dueled it out in-front of the Sports tube as she cheered The Giants against my Niners!!!  She won. Now we wait for the big Game this weekend.

I also picked up some DVDs to entertain while I drew. I found some cheap Supernatural seasons... and now I can't sleep everytime I hear a moan or the lights flicker. But I find I love the show. What else... Oh Yeah got my DCBS comics in the mail today! So now I have to get the usual monthly thing together to make the cover of the month and etc! Ok thats its for now. Happy Week. Go Giants, not frost giants.

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